how earth hour turned us into 10 year olds.

Illustration by Lam
Earth Hour is a big deal in our eco-savvy treehugger home.  We've done it every year for the past four years.

In the beginning, we did it to teach the kids... 
- about climate change,
- of the impact that one hour of turning our lights off would have,
- what it's like to be a part of a world community event,
- that the fate of our planet is in our hands,
- and that if we all pull together, we can really make a difference.

See?  We hug trees here.

Okay, here Roomie's talking math, not trees or hugging said trees.
In the years since then, we still do it for all those reasons, of course, but we do it also because I love burning honey beeswax candles, it's the one rare hour in our lives when we're all together in one room, we are able to talk to each other without distractions, and everything. is. quiet.

See?  This is my kids being quiet.
I'm so not kidding, folks.  The TV is off, the laptops and desktops are powered down, and the DSLite and 3DS are closed.  We gather around the table, and all is silent.  It's a good thing.

Me:  I like how the house sounds with that computer off.

Roomie:  Yeah, it's pleasantly quiet for a change.  Except for that egg timer.

Me:  It's to let us know when the hour's over.  You want me to turn that off?

Roomie:  Yes, you should.  Like I asked you to before.

Me:  Sheesh, you're so grumpy on Earth Night.  Okay, there, it's off.

Roomie:  There.  Isn't it better to have the silence?

Me (grumpy):  Yes.  Now be silent.

Roomie (giggling):  You be silent.

Me (smiling):  No, you be silent.

Roomie (giggling more):  No.  You be silent.

Me:  You shut up...