santa baby: wish list 2011.

Dear Santa,

As you know, I already have everything I want for Christmas...

However, since it is the season for giving, you may -- you know -- want to give me more stuff.

I've been a very good girl this year because, unlike last time, I did not think inappropriate thoughts of Jared Padalecki.  (Please ignore the fact that I may have thought them with Chris Hemsworth.  And please don't tell my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler.)

I've been blogging regularly.  I've avoided dairy - except for the occasional slice of ementhal.  And haven't had a Tim's Iced Capp since July, which is, as you know, a major accomplishment in the realm of goodness.

So, since we've now established, based on the above evidence, that you will, in fact, be coming to my house this year and filling up my stocking and any pockets of vacancy under my tree, here are some ideas in case you need 'em...

  • iPhone.  I totally look like a horse-and-buggy-driving neo-luddite rather than the tech-savvy social networking maven I truly am without a smartphone.  And I want this one.  Because it's pretty.  Like me.

  • Egypt vacation.  Roomie and I love going to places where we can not only relax, but also enjoy the area's culture and history.  What can I say?  We're hot and nerdy.
    And what better place than Egypt?!  Pyramids, mummies, and look at this beautiful beach picture!

  • slow cooker.  Okay, Roomie's going to get mad at me for this one, because he thinks that, when I make a wish list for me, it should truly be FOR ME.  Obviously, a slow cooker is not.  Unless I want to make a big pot roast and eat it all myself.  Not impossible.  Just highly unlikely.  Because I like to share.
    But seriously, feeding my family well makes me happy, so yes, this is definitely a gift FOR ME.

  • Jets shirt.  As you likely know, we have an NHL franchise back in Winnipeg.  Yay!  Go Jets Go!!!  I have the hat (which I bought when I was a 13-year-old hockey fanatic), and I had the jersey (which has vanished).  Now, I want something that I can wear on a regular day and not look like a little female hockey player who got lost on her way to MTS Centre.

  • 'Allo! 'Allo! DVDs.  I have Season 1, thanks to Miss T who gave it to me on my birthday this year.  I just need the next 8 seasons.  I just want to have a season where I can see Officer Crabtree.  He's my fave!

  • Friends DVDs.  I still need Seasons 3, 4, 5, and 7 to finish my set.  So close!  :)

  • Mother's Heirloom Ring.  So I can always (kinda) have Roomie, Lam, and Mini with me all the time.

  • Dinner with my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler. So I can charm him with my dazzling wit and beauty, and in the end, when he's begging me to run away with him, I'll say, "No, Gerry, I'm sorry, I won't -- I've got an even hotter dude at home. Good night." 
    No, I'm never letting this one go until it actually happens.  And no, I'm not crazy.  Well, maybe a little.

And that's it... for now.  Thanks, Santa!  You rock so much more than a pile of rocks!  xoxo


  1. A slow cooker is a must for any kitchen - it should not be thought of as a Christmas present, ever!

    Egypt? I would not go near Egypt any time soon...

    'Allo 'Allo is one of those classic British comedies. I lost track of it at some point but love watching the occasional re-run. It is always on over here on the golden oldies channels.

  2. @Rock Chef: Yes, very true about Egypt. I'm hoping that there's no expiry date on that present, and can go when things are better. :)

  3. You've been good ,really ? What about that little devil on my shoulder, oh look it's you! but I still got you something fabulous because of your naughtiness;)

  4. Ditto what RC said about the said about the slow cooker.
    And some of the items on your list is very doable. Santa, are ya reading?

  5. Egypt? Just go to the British Museum if you want to see the best Egyptian antiquities.

    More than one person has told me that their vacation in Egypt was horrible because it is impossible to do anything without constant harassment from hustlers, touts, pickpockets, and vendors. The one good thing I heard about someone's vacation there was an overnight boat cruise down the Nile - because they had 12 hours away from the street hustlers. But then again one of them did contract schistosomiasis and spent months recovering.

    And that's why I'll never go to Egypt!

  6. the new iphone is at the top of my list this year too, hopefully the hubs listens up!

  7. Hurray! A Winnipeg blogger! So if you do have dinner with Gerald Butler, you won't mind a third wheel right? I promise to be real quiet. If we go to the Keg, I'll be very busy eating the sour dough bread, you won't even know I'm there.

  8. I'm sure you deserve more than half of what's on your list! You're still wishing for an iPhone from 2009! Anyway, all the best with it, friend. Still working on my list... ;-)

  9. @Sandra: Yay! Hiya, fellow 'Pegger! Sure, you can tag along -- although he might not enjoy an audience witnessing his rejection. But I'm thinking Earl's on Main. The pan bread's really good, and it'll be noisy enough in there so no one will hear him sobbing. I'm just think of his feelings of course.

  10. very nice list ... hopefully you get all ... though Gerard Butler might be busy

  11. I really like that ring. A great choice for your list.

  12. Great list. Especially Friends box set, coz I never get tired of watching that show, Egypt, I love exploring cultures too and of course the iPhone, once you have it you can never live without it ;)

  13. I love Friends! :)

    Hope you get the Egyptian vacay soon. :) That sounds totally fab. :)

  14. love the heirloom ring... maybe i should wish for that as well.

    good luck! i hope all your wishes come true :)