underneath the cat-mas tree.

Guest post by Mittens the Cat.

November 12.  It was that time of year again.  Yup, the time of year when I order my humans to put up the Cat-mas tree.  My mommy (you all know her as "Mini") asked Gramma (you all know her as "Nenette") if she could "please, please, PLEASE" put up the tree that day because some dude named Santa was having a parade. 

Apparently, this Santa guy was important -- well, duh, he had his own parade, right? -- and people go ape-sh*t every time he comes to town.  Yah, they even wrote a song about it.  A song with no mention of cats.  So it's lame.  Obviously.

Okay, so it all started when I got Gramma to put the red carpet on the floor.  This is key.  I need a nice place to nap.  Regal, non?

Then Mommy started to put on the branches. She's very awesome and good at that sort of thing... with my supervision, of course.

Because these monkeys are silly sometimes, I checked the box to make sure Mommy didn't forget any branches.

While my mommy finished her task, I made sure to test my little resting spot under the tree. Quality control is essential.

Soon after, Grampa (you all know him as "Roomie") and Uncle (you all know him as "Lam") joined my little workforce by adding sparkly things I can bat around onto the tree. They are good workers, but they didn't stop often enough to scratch me on the head like they're supposed to.

This year, I gave Uncle the honour of putting the star on the tree. Grampa had to lift him up, much like he does when he lifts me up so I can sniff high-up things.

Apparently, the star is important.  I think it's so this Santa guy can know where my house is and bring me cool stuff.

My people did an adequate job. Mommy and Uncle loved it. Gramma and Grampa said it looked beautiful. I praised my humans for their adequat-ulence by hopping on their laps, rubbing against them, and allowing them to scratch my head.

Very soon after, I took a much deserved snoozeroonie, because, you know, managing these apes is such hard work!

Cat-mas, we're ready for ya!


  1. Excellent post!

    I think we have a couple of weeks before we put our tree up - the dogs will probably supervise...

  2. hehehe. nice post! your cat is a cutey.

    christmas is here again. and i love christmas.

  3. hahahaha. gujab ebibadi! we've got our own kitty here too, Arya. she's our princess :)


    this post is 2 months old already. Arya's grown a lot.

  4. SO cute. One of my favourite post

  5. Tabbies are such a big help, aren't they? We have two.