miss crafty strikes again.

There appears to be no end to Mini's craft opus.  She is seriously prolific.  We have 2 big bags of 3-dimensional artwork and 2 giant plastic bins of rolled up drawings waiting to be sorted through and trashed recycled sent away lovingly dealt with.

And that doesn't even include what she has on her art blog, Mini's World.

We never know what new brain fart creation waits to be birthed.  I think she's revving up for a new one right now.  Hold me.

More often than not, Mini's crafts are quite good, as evidenced by the big picture of sunflowers we had framed and now feature on the family room wall (the smaller sunflower pic to the right was painted by her brother)...

But, of course, not all her creations are simply artistic in nature.  There was the clever bunny trap -- that she designed, tested and documented -- which made me think she might just take after her parents and become, heaven help her, an engineer...

And even when her art can be only described as "uh, what?", she always makes it with love and heart, like she did when she made, if you recall, the most expensive cat toy in the history of cat toy for her little Mittens...

And now, during her most recent foray into the world of making a new surprise for Mama, she raided the recycling bin for the materials and made this...

Mini has been placing this item in various unexpected places throughout the house for Mama to find and "appreciate" over and over again.  Apparently, freaking Mama out is a most unexpected yet pleasant side-effect.


  1. I wouldn't start worrying just yet about the ramifications of her being an engineer. If she moves up to trying to trap parents or siblings instead of bunnies, I may recommend a little concern, though.

  2. Nenette, I just discovered with today's post that Mini has her own blog. I checked it out and what a GREAT idea! She posts up all of the artwork she does. I loved it!
    I may just take this idea and do it myself for my wee girls. They bring home SO much artwork that I'm running out of places to store it.

    Anyways, love you as always. Have shown your blog to a few friends at work. You may get a few new followers:)

  3. thanks for showing "that" picture again, now i won't sleep tonight , thanks

  4. She is so creative and innovative! Who knows someday she'll be designing theme parks. What fun! <3

  5. Aj is also very creative. I signed him up for an art class every Monday after school.

  6. I think that's amazing that she's so creative! And her own blog? Awesomesauce.

  7. Her recycled craft is wonderful! Such vivid colors!