channelling the spirit of coffee.

I was sitting at home having an unusually strong craving for my fall coffee favourite -- a Starbucks decaf no-whip pumpkin spice latte.  Sadly, I couldn't leave the house to get one because my poor little Lam is sick and home from school for the 3rd day in a row.  See?...

napping with an ice bag to cool his fever

I had to wait 'til Roomie came home from work before I got some.  Coffee.  What else did you think I mean?!

See?  This one's mine*...

mmm... decaf venti pumpkin spice latte...

Anyway, LRM's enjoyment of her morning beverage and my craving for my own java-esque drink are quite remarkable because she and I are NOT frequent drinkers of coffee.  In fact, I think we're the only 2 of our village to not subsist on the stuff.

Except for today.  And I think I know the reason why.

It's National Coffee Day!!!

We're caught in some weird coffee field... or they've pumped some hallucinogenic drug into the air.  Or maybe The Man put some weird subliminal YOU WANT COFFEE TOMORROW message in a commercial on Global TV yesterday or something.

That's the only explanation I can think of.  Get your own cup of java and enjoy the day.  I don't think we have any choice but to do it. 

* - This is already empty.  It was good.  Yum.


  1. what a poor baby! I still haven't gotten my annual pumpkin spice latte

  2. @Melinda: what?! omg, girlfriend, go -- go now and get one!!! :)

  3. I just don't like coffee in any form - sorry...

    Hope the little one is better soon!