dear old friends with unlimited salad & breadsticks.

I have these friends, these lovely adorable friends who have been in my life so long that I almost can't remember a time when I've never known them.

Together, we've gone from a little university Filipino association, 18th birthday parties, and dance clubs to moving away, weddings, and babies.  So many, many babies...

These are my girls.  I love them to bits.  And sadly, we never see each other enough.  Even the small group still in town.  Unless someone comes to visit.

And recently, one of us did!  So, on Monday, we got together where, as usual, we ate...


looked adorable...

and eventually, someone does this...

... because with each other, we don't always have to be so grown up.

Thanks, Jax!  You need to come back home more often to do that! xoxo

my everyday skincare: ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

If my latest project's taught me anything, it's that my skin looks like crap.

See?  Okay, it's a dark shot, but trust me, it's totally ick.  My complexion is dull.   It's uneven and blotchy.  If your computer had touch-o-vision, you'd realize that it's rough and bumpy too.  And I have what looks like {gasp!} age spots!  Ew!

I've tried drinking more than the 8 cups of water I already drink daily and eating less crap like sugar and carbs, but it just made me pee a lot... and lose some weight -- which is great, but my skin still looked like Freddy Krueger's on a good day.

In the end, I couldn't deny it anymore.  My longstanding routine of hot steaming washcloth and natural coconut-based moisturizer just wasn't cutting it.  It couldn't keep up with the stress, the hormones, and the, um, aging.

I was really bummed about this because I've NEVER had to do anything special to have great skin until now.  Truly.

Even in my teens, when pimples are supposed to be at their peak, I was smooth and clear, and had that lovely mocha glow most Filipinas usually have, you know, post coital.  Except I was a teen.  A pure Catholic school girl.  And innocent.  I hadn't even had a boyfriend.  Or boy toys.  Yet.


So, last week, instead of hitting my favourite health food store, I decided to hit the mall.  I was going to get the Big Guns!  If I had to melt all of this bad skin off, I would!  Dammit.

Now, every morning and night, I wash with a hot steaming wash cloth, then I use -- all from The Body Shop (TBS)...

1: TBS's Vitamin C Skin Boost
- as an after-cleansing serum
2: TBS's Nutragenics Smoothing Day Cream
- applied a few minutes after I let the Skin Boost absorb
3: TBS's Vitamin C Microdermabrasion 
- twice a week

That was on the 12th.  Now, it's been over a week, and I have to say, I've seen a noticeable improvement in my skin's texture.  I look more awake.  And OMG, it smells so GOOD!  Yummy and orange-y.

And look...

I have no makeup on in this picture.  I should've at least put some lipstick on, eh?
Okay, it might not be obvious in the picture, but it's so soft and smooth!  When I brush my hand against my skin, I need to stop and go "Oo, nice."

So if I stop you on the street, scream "Touch it!  It's so soft!", and point frantically at my face, just bear with me.  And don't call the cops.

I'll post more after pics in a few.

What's your skincare routine?  Share with me.

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Let's BEE Friends

proposals and farm animals.

Mini:  "Mama?  Did you propose to Daddy?"

Me:  "Yes."

Mini:  "You asked Daddy to marry you?"

Me:  "YES."

Mini:  "So, you proposed to Daddy."

Me:  "YES!"

Mini:  "And Daddy proposed to a sheep."

Me:  "YES!...  No, wait.  What?"