I'm Everywhere! Like Carmen SanDiego.

Allo, my gorgeous readers... and new gorgeous readers from my friend Bruna's!  Yes, I've been all ninja-like with the blog these past few days.  All stealthy and such, then striking when least expected.  Thankfully, I can rock the black clothes like nobody's business!

I've been too busy living life to blog about it.  It's as if, the moment I declared that I want to live a simpler life, I get smacked on the head with a "here's even more stuff for you to do" bat.  But it's good.  Fun.  Awesome, even.

So, today, you get to see what I've been up to...    

1: Featured friend at Bees with Honey.

Today, I'm over at my friend Bruna's blog!  I can't even begin to tell you just how incredibly honoured I am that she chose to interview me for her Let's Bee Friends Friday feature!

Bruna is a teacher, mom, and fellow Canadian I hope to one day meet in person, and her blog is as intelligent, thought-provoking, passionate, and genuine as the woman behind it.  Plus, it's a fun read!

So, to read my interview and check out this awesome blog, click the link and head over there now!  Seriously, do it!  Do. It.  Now.
Then come back and read the rest of my post.

2: Writing about kid clutter at Kidoosh.

My kids have a ton of crap!  It's unreal.  I'm still trying to deal with it... even after countless decluttering sessions and trips to drop off stuff at Goodwill and the Children's Hospital.
So, I decided to vent and spill the beans at Kidoosh.
Please head over there, drop a comment, say 'howdy!', and share your kid clutter story.

3: Dancing at my daughter's recital.

Okay, so I just shared this in my last post, but it's just so cool!

All the daughters are dance students, and the moms were just novices, so needless to say, we were all nervous.  Yes, even me, the hula dancer who's danced in front of countless people, even from a parade float!  This was jazz, not hula! It was me, boldly going where I've never had business going before.  But Mini wanted me to do it, so I did.  Oh, the things we do for our babies.

My friend and fellow dancing mom, Randi, brought wine.  We definitely needed that *before* our number.

But, hey, it turned out great!  And next year, it'll be Roomie's turn to dance with Mini in the Dancing Dads group!

UPDATE: BTW, I just got my class pictures for Mom & Me -- HOLY RUSS MEYER MOVIE, BATMAN!!!  It was totally *all-boobs, all-the-time*!  I'll scan and post the picture as soon as I can.

4: Front yard gardening. And cutting grass with hedge trimmers.

Remember my front yard garden saga?  If not, the recap -- including an oh-so-hot picture of Roomie in the latest in facewear -- can be read here.  Consider the last picture in that post the BEFORE shot (taken from the street).

Well, I threw those Eco Turf seeds in the middle, and, holy crap, Mini's "I want to have a picnic in the middle of our flowers" grass has GROWN LIKE GANGBUSTERS!  It's like Don King exploded on my front lawn!  I've had to use hedge trimmers to cut it.  Yeah, I looked foolish. Check it out in this AFTER shot (taken from the house).

Okay, there's more, but let's just stick to this... for now.
So, how about you?  Where have you been lately?


  1. Mainly working :-(

    Hm, I can see you as a Ninja. You would be the one who is beating 3 kinds of crap out of the good guy when your mask gets pulled off and he is totally shocked that you are a chick!

    Can I put you in the book that I am sort of writing?

  2. @Rock Chef: Love it! Oh-oh, can my character be called "Viper" or "Vixen" something?! :D Those sound kickass-ish, right?

    Yeah, "mainly working"... I need to change that, don't I? Okay, I'll work on it.

  3. Hopping over from Bees With Honey. Love your blog and looking forward to reading more.
    As far as dancing with the daughters...yeah, I'd need a bit of wine and then all would be good. :)

  4. just read the bees post... when did you start making deodorant? I make mine too, and with coconut oil. Just about finished my first batch. How has this not come up in conversation before!


  5. Stopping by from Bees with Honey. Looking forward to more posts...I'm also Filipino (but born in the US) and love that you hula dance. My grandpa was born in Hawaii and I've spent a lot of time there in my life. The Hawaiian culture is awesome!

  6. So glad Bruna featured you! It lead me to your fantastic blog.

  7. So glad Bruna featured you! It lead me to your fantastic blog.

  8. Following you from Bruna because you made a Star Wars reference and kept being awesome from there. :)

  9. I commented on your dancing with daughter post, right after Bruna's. But thought I'd do that again - comment that is.

    I have to go read your piece on kid clutter - I only have one child but boy, does the kid have a lot of stuff!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. You've been so busy Nenette!

    Your new grassy area looks great. I chuckled when I pictured you out there with hedge trimmers though. ;)

    I think it's so awesome that you danced in your daughters recital. What a fun mom you are! Did you get any video?

  11. Anonymous13 June, 2011

    Just found your blog and glad I did.

  12. Yes, I like Viper.

    Must get back to writing that book!

  13. Holy gawd, you have been busy!

    I on the other hand have been napping and cleaning up after a pukey dog. I am a sloth when it is rainy and cold out...