rebuilding the temple - week 3: push, push, in the... well, you know.

Lost (Week 3): 0 lbs.
Lost (Total) : 2 lbs. 

Hey, darling readers, as I said in yesterday's post, I've been sick.  Again.  I know.  It totally sucks donkey balls, but here I am.  I didn't get sick at all in January and the beginning of February, so perhaps I'm just trying to catch up.  Ha!  Yeah, okay, totally not funny.  Especially since I'm coughing like a 5-pack-a-day smoker.

My energy is already plummeting too low for me to put effort into good meals.  I foresee lots of fruit in my sick future.

And it only follows that I don't have the energy for working out.  Which, again, sucks because exercise is the factor that I haven't included in the program... AT. ALL.  And yes, I too suck.

You see, I know what to do and what works for me:  weights, hula, push ups, squats, yoga, intervals.  It's just a matter of doing it.

I recently asked my girlfriends on FB to tell me what they do for workouts, and they came back with what they did and how often they did it.  OMG, INSPIRATION!!!  My girls are workout mavens, taking care of their bodies, making me realize that I REALLY need to get off my butt.

So, with the eating/nutrition crunching along well, my focus -- as soon as I get better -- will be my workouts.

What I'll be doing/starting this week:

Hold me.


  1. I love some of the expressions you use!

    Get well soon!

  2. i am proud to say that i have done a hundred the last five years. um...go me?