It's Aloha Friday

+ germ-killing salsa.

Don't judge me.  I've been sick.  Iced tea and fiesta dip are all I can handle.  Fever of 38.9C finally broke on Wednesday, but I'm still blowing my nose, coughing up swamp scum, and feeling as weak as a baby.  Opening a fruit roll-up for Mini reduced me to tears.  Really, Suri Cruise and her little high-heel shoes can kick my ass easily.

+ bikini.

Mini outgrew her one-piece bathing suit.  Our baby girl had to wear her bikini to swim class.  Roomie's eyes started to bleed, then his brain kersploded.  Blam.

+ sash.

Lam earned his white sash in Kung Fu and received it at his class on Wednesday. So, be nice or he'll kick your ass.  Aw, I'm so proud of my little hired goon.

+ chicken.

A family favourite.  400F.  45 minutes.  Add Diana sauce on top.  15 minutes more.  Yum.

+ bedtime reading.

I just finished re-reading Ransom by Julie Garwood, my fave historical romance author.  Or "lady porn", as Miss T calls it.  Next Guardian Angel by Julie Garwood.


  1. I'm sorry about your Roomie's brain affliction thing.. But proud of your little man! Salsa always makes me feel better, too. :)

  2. I am your newest follower...Please stop by and follow me too!
    I hope you are feeling better!!!!

  3. Even a small portion of fiesta dip can make you feel healthy.