them on the first day of grade 1 & grade 3.

As I told my peeps on Facebook, I'm now a 40-year-old mom of 2 kids in GRADE SCHOOL!!! I now have no children in preschool. Those days are gone. Forever...

You see, no matter how much I tell them to "Just stop it!", my kids defy me and continue to grow anyway. They grow. And change. Change way too fricking fast!

And make us parents crazed, wondering where our babies went, until we realize that we should just enjoy the changes.

And hang on for the wild ride.

And take snapshots along the way -- as long as we can pry our fingers off the dashboard or the oh-sh*t handles long enough to hold the camera.

So, here are my Mini and Lam, frozen in time, snapshots at Grade 1 and Grade 3...

1 - What is your favourite tv show?

mini: icarly
lam: doctor who

2 - What is your favourite colour?

mini: pink
lam: dark blue

3 - What is your favourite game?

mini: not-it tag
lam: pokemon heart gold

4 - Who is your best friend(s)?

mini: abbey, jailyn & cathy
lam: chris, aidan & will

5 - What is your favourite treat food?

mini: lollipops
lam: chips

6 - What is your favourite good food?

mini: pizza
lam: chicken

7 - What is your favourite website?


8 - What's your favourite treat drink?

mini: orange crush
lam: coke with root beer

9 - What's your favourite good drink?

mini: red iced tea (iced raspberry passion tea lemonade from Starbucks)
lam: milk

10 - What is the name of your favourite book?

mini: iCarly's iHatch Chicks
lam: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

11 - What's your favourite thing to do with family?

mini: family game night
lam: go to the mall

12 - What's your favourite thing to do alone?

mini: play with Baba
lam: play computer/video-games

13 - What's your favourite dessert?

mini: popsicle
lam: pepsi/coke/rootbeer float

And no, Mommy didn't cry after dropping the kids off at school. Almost. :')


  1. A great set of answers!

    And they never listen about growing up - my 16 year old is now talking about going to Africa for 3 weeks next summer!

  2. Awww! That's so adorable!

    Totally stealing it.

  3. Beautiful! And exactly my sentiments -only for the newly teenage, grade 8 in our family(he just won't stop either) . :-')

  4. Doctor Who? Me too! Excellent answer. I love that kid.

    Great pic by the way!

  5. Hi Nenette! I had to stop by, it's been too long and you reminded me!

    My baby just started grade 1! I found kindergarten harder though, this year I am relishing the new work responsibilities. It's a bit sad but I love the changes in the end.

    Great post of your kids at this age, it will be fun to look back on:)

  6. Adorable! Love those kids.