10 things I love right now.

I'm totally blogging my ass off. About my recent camping trip. The one that was not at a spa, not somewhere tropical, and not where hot dudes in loin cloths serve me delicious drinks with tiny umbrellas. Basically, not what a camping trip really should be.

Anyway, I'll be publishing that spectacular post in the near future. But until that glorious day, I present the meme that I stole from my buddy Jami with a twist: 10 things I love right now.
I'm not listing the obvious -- family, friends, my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, etc. -- for simplicity.

Read mine, then go and do it too! Seriously. It's fun! And let me know, so I can read about your 10 things too...

Ten Things I Love:

  1. Spring -- closer to summer when plants are starting to come up, after the dirty/muddy part but before the mosquitoes.
  2. the combination of coconut lotion and jasmine perfume, smoothed on everywhere, after a long hot shower.
  3. small, stylish, simply-designed houses.
  4. my ASUS eeePC netbook.
  5. pavlova -- with both blueberries and strawberries.
  6. the theme song to Futurama.
  7. a Starbucks venti unsweetened iced coffee.
  8. Dr. Who -- especially the episodes with David Tennant.
  9. a late-night dinner of papaya salad and grilled prawns.
  10. the natural, primal lifestyle.
Okay, now you.


  1. Oooh, new game!! Something new to post on my blog since I've been SLACKING! Augh!

    Thanks for bringing back on track - I'll try to post later tonight. :)

  2. OOO! Cool stuff! And dumbing down blogging for me again! ;-)

  3. @Cyndi: can't wait to see your list!

    @harmzie: it really is the only good answer to "OMG, I really want to post something RIGHT NOW... but what?" :)

  4. I love summer, I love hearing my boys laugh and paly together, I love peanutes, I love drives in the car alone withe great music playing loudly, I love wine and I love the occassional cigarette to go with the wine... I know, bad me, bad me.

  5. David Tennant is sorely missed, but the new companion makes me feel funny in my pants.