what would I do if I renew?

Fear not, my darlings, I'm still here! Thank you so much for the lovely 10th Anniversary wishes and greetings. So many of you lit up my FB wall and messages, my email, and Twitter. I was totally touched by your thoughtfulness.

As you know, my anniversary celebration was a blast! A calm, quiet blast -- of course. I tend to enjoy calm, quiet festivities these days. If I can stay at home in my comfy yoga pants, relax with my kids and Roomie, watch some sci-fi, and have someone cook yummy food for me, I'd be more than a little content.

Then I got to thinking... Considering how much I've mellowed over the years, what would my wedding be like now?

Things like Roomie's "I'm wearing a t-shirt to my wedding!" attire, my (according to my friend Sly) "naked" shoes, our mind-blowing invites designed by our friend Stephen, inheriting my in-laws' wedding rings, not having a wedding cake but a dessert table (which we never got to taste because all the cakes were eaten before we got to it!), and having our wedding in May likely wouldn't change, but some very key things would.

Inspired by this post by Martha B., I decided to visualize and compare my Original Wedding with what my wedding would be like now if I could do it all over again...

Then: local garden ceremony
Now: destination wedding (Austria)

Then: hair pinned up in a veil
Now: hair down in cascading waves

Then: custom wedding gown made by my friend's sister
Now: Nicole Miller

Then: country-style dinnerware
Now: exoticware

Then: silk roses
Now: real jasmine flowers

Then: hotel menu
Now: tapas & sushi

Then: large wedding
Now: small, intimate affair with only family who can fly


  1. i absolutely love this entry. it's interesting how you've made a comparison between your wedding and how you'd do it if you can do it all over again. i think the tapas and sushi would be great:). i love both.

  2. Yes, but would you give all of your guests Breitling watches as a keepsake? And maybe hubbie would wear some Ed Hardy fashions?

    I would not know about these things were it not for your blog.

  3. I'm not sure if I'd do it all again, I think the 1 thing I'd change was having the photographer set up "incase" of rain before it rained. I'd then see more of my guests. I know I couldn't afford as big a party as I did then.

  4. I can't imagine doing my own wedding any different to how it was - a fairly quick and informal ceremony with whoever felt that they had to be there! Only formally invited 2 people, the rest gate crashed - it was great!

    But I can see that you love the spectacular - and why not?!

  5. @Albert: I can't tell you how long it took me to get rid of all those spam comments! What a pain!
    I've taken measures to prevent that from happening again.

  6. I have been neglecting blogs and didn't see your 10-year anniversary post. Happy belated anniversary, Sugar Tits.