bones, cute carter, and the sad indoor cat.

Mini once again enjoyed a class field trip to Fort Whyte. Last year, I volunteered to hang out amid nature with my daughter and her bunch of 4-5 year old buddies.

This year, it was Roomie's turn, which is why -- instead of pretty pictures of flowers and birds -- we have pictures of our daughter swinging around animal bones. Like Xena: Warrior Princess. Because she loves princesses.

"I -- in my cute, pink, kitty-cat t-shirt -- will clobber you with this bison bone! GRRRR!!!"


As you all know, I LOVE HGTV. One of the shows I enjoy watching in the morning is Carter Can. This morning, Mini woke up early, came down, and plopped herself on the couch beside me...

Me: "That Carter is cute."

Mini: "But Daddy's cuter."



For the past year, Mittens has been a happy outdoor, chase-after-birds-and-squirrels, nap-on-the-deck cat.

Unfortunately, we've recently learned that she's also been a poop-in-the-neighbours'-gardens cat. Consequently, for her rare outdoor excursions, she must suffer the humiliation of being leashed in the backyard. What a sad, sad indoor cat.


  1. I didn't know you took turns. Or I *never* would have let Max sign up for that same field trip.

    We're lucky no one was hurt.

  2. Poor Kitty! Our neighbours cats love my kids crop circle.

  3. Well, maybe I should start getting HGTV, because that Carter is cute.

    Poor Mittens.... being curtailed like that must be hard :)

  4. that is one big

    poor kitty, my neighbor's cat hangs around my garden these days.