a winnipeg family needs help.

One of the wonderful things about us humans -- despite our infighting over religion, over territory -- is our tendency to rally around those in our community struck by tragedy outside of their control. Our speedy response to the Haiti and Chile Earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11 are just a few examples.

Now, it's not a habit of mine to post this sort of thing, but I thought I'd put out the word for those of us in Winnipeg willing and in position to lend a hand. I just heard from my friend Sue, and she has friends who need our help. Here's the email she sent me:
Dear friends of mine are in desperate need of help!!

Early Saturday morning at 4am their house started on fire! They got out with just the clothes on their backs and nothing else!! They have lost everything!! Everyone is safe, although Dean, the dad, had to have surgery on his hand as he tore his tendons smashing the windows to save his kids lives. Their 13 year old son, Jack, injured his foot jumping from the second story window.

They had no house insurance.

Now before you judge…these are good people who have been struggling for a while and were just trying to make ends meet. Dean has had two back surgeries in the past and was trying to make a living selling items on Ebay. He is also a tattoo artist by trade and was trying to open a business but lost all his equipment in the fire.

They never imagined that anything like this would happen, and were just trying to make ends meet, so insurance got put on the side burner, which of course they regret deeply now…

And now they are left in desperate need of your help!!!

The 6 children plus a foster daughter are as follows;

14 year old foster daughter (that they took in with no help from anyone)

13 year old son

12 year old daughter

8 year old son

4 year old son

2 year old girl

and nearly one year old girl

They need everything, but immediate needs are diapers (size 3), easy ups (size 4), wipes, toiletries, clothing and food.

They also need help with the demolition of their house, and they somehow need building supplies to be able to rebuild a home for their family.

I know that people of Winnipeg have come together before to help out when families are in need, and once again, here is a really great family in a very bad predicament!!

They are not the type of people to ask for help, but have no choice right now, and they do not want to end up declaring bankruptcy and be on welfare.

Please help my friends rebuild their lives!!!

If you can donate money or items, please email me for further info.

Thanks, folks! Y'all rock!

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  1. Thanks Nenette, I appreciate the support, as will they!