lovely Miche Bags. and a hangover.

Before I go on, a big Thank You to all who shared your experiences and support via email, direct messages, and in the comments of yesterday's post. It means a lot. More than I can say. Makes me not feel so alone. And maybe my sharing my efforts to get out of this funk will help those of you struggling with your own. We're all in this together. xoxo

Debbie, one of my super-fun neighbours across the backlane, invited me over to her place on Monday night for a purse party. "No pressure to buy. Just come over. Look at purses. You know, have some wine."

OH, HELL, YEAH! The Universe is totally listening and provides, because let's face it, a relaxing night out sans kids, some red wine, and a whack-load of purses is just what I needed right now.

We got an eye-full of Miche Bags, which I gotta say is pretty high in the cute factor. You can easily change the the 'look' of the bag by changing its outer shell. Very clever.

Alas, I'm not really a bag girl. I don't collect them. I have 3 bags: a small casual/sporty one, a small formal one in basic black, and of course, my favourite faux leather giganto bag. Still, I had a great time with Debbie, her family, and friends. And if I see a Miche shell I like in the future, I may get it.

I did not come away totally empty-handed. Oh, no! Miss Drunky over here staggered home with 4 drinks under her belt, surpassing her usual 1.5 drink limit. I may have still been drunk when I woke up the next morning. And I hurt all day long. Lying on the couch was bliss. My sunglasses were my best friend.

But was it worth it?! Oh, yeah. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It was just what the doctor ordered.

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