when facebook says "jump!", I say "like this?"

Hi, I'm Nenette, and I'm a lemming. I'm a follower. I like to roll with the pack. My parents never gave me the "if everyone jumped off the bridge" speech, and I'm probably the kid who needed it the most, because, yo, if it's fun, funky and the least bit thrilling, I. Will. Do. It. Too.

So, when it was Wayback Week on Facebook and everyone changed their "profile pic to a throwback picture of yourself when you were young", I changed mine to...

I was about 6 months old in this picture, I think. Taken in the Philippines, where it's warm, tropical... and humid -- hence, the wild and crazy hair.
Seriously, if you're jonesing for the ole "bouncin' and almost-behavin'", just go to the Philippines, and you too will have more volume than you'll know what to do with.

Fast forward to last week, aka Doppelganger Week, aka Change your profile pic to the celebrity you think you look most like. And the most bizarre thing happened... I didn't do it.

Oh, yeah, the lemming totally left the building. Because I don't know who I look like.

My buddy Trinity is a ringer for Zooey Deschanel. Another one of my girlfriends looks like Defying Gravity's Christina Cox. She could totally be Marcia Brady's stunt double. And if my high school bff would grow her hair long, she could be Teri Hatcher's more exotic looking sister. At least, *I* think so.

But me? I don't know. My friends have chimed in...

1: My friend Casey said I look like Tia Carrere. And that's the moment he became one of my best friends. Because look at her. Anyone who thinks I look like this hottie is awesome in my books!

But that was way back when I still had long hair -- like this picture...

... and 20 less pounds -- not like that picture. Ech.

2: A weird girl I met through the Usenet alt.fashion group 12 years ago when I lived in Vancouver thought I looked like Marlon Brando's 3rd wife Tarita Teriipia.

The Usenet girl -- who was desperate to be my bff -- turned out to be a whack job. They always find me. But I'd like to think she had a good eye.

3: And last, but not least, according to The MyHeritage.com Application on Facebook, I also look like... Larry Bird.

Really? Larry Bird?

Who do you think I look like? And who have you been told you look like?


  1. I am not sure on this one, but I can see Tia.

    As for me (and this is before I dyed my hair dark) I got a lot of Gweneth comments. Now I'm not sure what people say with this dark hair. I think I make a good me though :-)

    I will have to think further to determine who you remind me of most.

  2. Pochahontas. Just b/c she's got the word "poke" in her name.

  3. Yep, I agree that you look like Tia would look if she was hotter.

    Me? I have been told I look like Oscar the Grouch, Roger Daultry and (when I had shorter hair) Tom Conti.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot!

    When I have a beard I get called Jesus...

    And my word verification for this one was "blesses"!

  5. Baby and I have been watching "Selena" every weekend, and everytime I see the archive footage, I think that's Ate N! :)

  6. You're sooooo funny! LOL!

    Hey you look similar to Tia Carerre nga. :)

    I was told I looked like Janice De Belen when I was younger. Do you know who she is?

  7. Someone once told me I looked like Tori Spelling. Then I stabbed them.