Hey, look, I made the list of super kick ass Canadian Moms! I know, awesome, eh?!

Now, before you head over there and check out my fellow kick ass moms, I present evidence of my (and my daughter's) kick-ass-ness. Last night, we did some pink hair dye magic, and now we look like rock stars! The pictures don't do 'em justice, but it's better than nothin'!

Check it...


  1. I'll have to get the inside scoop on how you did that, b/c Norah has been pestering me to give her green streaks for *years*. I got my stylist to give her some blonde streaks in the front once, but SHE (stylist) insisted & I brought her in first thing in the morning, etc, so it's not something I can call for a repeat on!

    It looks fabulous!

  2. Very rock star... love it.

    And congrats on getting on the list, pretty awesome stuff

  3. CUTE pics!!

    Congrats on making the list!!

  4. Love the RED!!! Streaking a Mom can be proud of!

  5. That is not the type of streaking I was hoping for.