redesign: just doing what the voices tell me to.

My blog design had been bugging me for a good long time.

You know how it is. Images were loading slowly, widgets and doodads were all bunchy, and it was looking a might too cluttered for my minimalist tastes.

"Your blog looks like ass!" the voices in my head were telling me. Not a good thing as "ass" is the total opposite of "badass", which is the pinnacle of awesomenessness... ness.

Besides, you know things suck when the word "bunchy" is used to describe it.

So, after stumbling onto some other blogs that did the whole "white space" thing like superheros, CSSing my ass off the whole afternoon, then almost totally borking the template at one point, I finally got my template where I want it!

Do you like?! And don't let my superfragile ego influence you in any way, shape or form.

Update: As you can see the header title still needs fixing, plus I still have to replace the Related Posts feature with something new. Stay tuned for that.

To refresh all of your memories, it used to look like this...

Oh, and to show that I'm a programming machine, the original template was...

I know, I rock. :)


  1. uh ohhhh I like them both but the previous was all pretty like, the leaves were winners, the photos, out yeah that's kind of a good thing

  2. I like this better. You have a ton of content, and you managed to wrangle it in a way that's easy on the eyes, and laid out very nicely.

    I'm also finally starting to work on a design for my own site. It will take lots of time, and when I'm finally done, I'll want to change it anyway.

  3. You my darling? Are totally badass.

  4. I likes, though I'm hardly a stable design holder myself. I did the minimalist for awhile, and now I'm trying out something else AND a title. Maybe I should be asking you what to do with my design because yours looks marv!

  5. I like it! I redid my layout a couple of days ago as well. I longed for something a little more clean cut :P

  6. I like it. Although, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of color. Or a photo of you riding in a car with Hitler.

  7. It's very breezy and light...very nice.
    I change my entire look every 15 days so I love change! Now if I could only escape FB and actually start blogging again I'd go and fix my place :)