an ice-cream shirt, a lemon cake, and a new 5-year-old girl

Over the weekend, we celebrated my dear Mini-girl's 5th Birthday*! Yes, it's true. My baby, who used to look like this...

... now looks like this...

I know, she's gorgeous. She's going to be a Supermodel/Rocket-Scientist. She already has the mad math skillz and stunning good looks. Yeah, totally proud are we.

But wait. You might be thinking "Didn't one of Nenette's kids just have a birthday, like, yesterday?!" And the answer is "Not yesterday, but close."

What can I say? October is a good month to have unprotected sex around these parts. It's Fall, getting cold. Too cold to do outdoorsy things. You stay inside, do some cuddling, then BAM! -- you're knocked up, waddling around, and popping out little humans before you know it.

Friday the 3rd was her actual birthday, so she got to choose her birthday cake (a white chocolate lemon cake) at La Grotta, eat her favourite meal (cheese pizza at the mall), and open presents from us. Check out the La Grotta cake of awesomosity.
Mmmm... white chocolate lemon cake...

Sunday the 5th was her party. Mini, her brother, and 5 of her fave buds gathered at Michaels to do a craft activity. Mini is crafty in more ways than one, you know.

Each child was to decorate his/her own t-shirt using a stencil -- the boys chose to do rocket ships and the girls chose to do ice cream cones.

I would've chosen the rocket ship myself, but that's me. I'm just built that way. (Insert weird, perverted line by Roomie about the way I'm built and his appreciation of said build.)

With t-shirts completed and left to dry, we brought out the requisite ice-cream cake, almost exploded the place with sparklers, sugared up both kids and adults (including Sarah, our super Michaels craft leader), tore into presents, and took a bazillion photos.

Before I knew it, we were done, bagging our leftovers, and sending the kids home with their folks, loot bags and t-shirts in hand.

Mini thought her birthday party was perfect. Oh, sorry, Princess Mini thought her birthday was perfect. She was surrounded by her most favoured loyal Lords and Ladies, and for two hours, she laughed, did crafts, and gleefully held court -- just like this...

Happy 5th Birthday, darling Mini! We love you!

Roomie and I shout our thanks to Trinity (my buddy and mom of one of the Ladies present) and Edna (my dear big sis) for all your help and company. You are beyond awesome!

* - I was going to post this yesterday but I was frankly exhausted after the annual "Birthday Extravaganza". Lying immobile on the bed staring straight up at the ceiling was all I wanted to do -- I ended up eating chips and sewing a soft cuddly bear together instead. Chips rock.


  1. As always, very funny post.

    Happy Birthday to the Princess Mini.

  2. White chocolate lemon cake??? YUM!!! OMG - I want some! And Mini is gorgeous just like her hot mama! xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Mini! 5! when did that happen? it's crazy!

  4. She's a beauty. Both of my kids are summer birthdays too, so I am right there exhaustion-wise with you. Happy birthday!

  5. Have I mentioned how grateful I am that my girl's birthdays are two months apart? I cannot guarantee that I could do what you've just done and NOT become a complete and gibbering idiot.

  6. Anonymous10 July, 2009

    Happy belated Birthday to Mini! The cake sounds divine!

  7. Happy late b-days to your kids! July is a great month for b-days. Mine was July 1st.

    Also you must post the ice cream cake recipe! :)

  8. No! No ice cream cake recipe until we get the recipe for chicken made with banana sauce! We've been waiting a year for that one! My little boy cries himself to sleep at night, inconsolable, saying "But Auntie Nenette promised me she'd tell us how to make chicken with banana sauce! How could she let me down?".

    You can google and get 8 million recipes for ice cream cakes. Google finds nothing for Filipino-style chicken with banana sauce --- just recipes for Caribbean curries.

    Banana sauce!
    Banana sauce!
    Banana sauce!