award: come to my lemonade stand!

A super big thank you to Laura at Buttons and Ribbons for this awesome award!
Laura's fab projects are a real treat for the eyes. And I love how she posts the things she encounters in her world. Like this.
Go and check it out, then come back. Really. Go -- I'll wait. Go! Now!

Back? Okay.

When Laura first notified me of this award, I was all "I wonder why a lemonade stand." But the more I thought of it, I was all "yeah! I'm taking life's lemons, making lemonade, and sharing this yummy sweetness with the world!" What do you think? Is it too much? Am I over-thinking it? Does it sound like something I just pulled that out of my ass? Yes? Okay! My work here is done!

In the spirit of spreading the warm fuzzies around and not breaking the rules of this award, I now share with you 12 of my favourite blogs... (in alphabetical order)...

I ask these 12 dudes and dudettes to go forth and share the love on their own blogs, if they so wish.
To see more blogs I know and love, head over to my "DAILIES" in my sidebar. They are truly bitchin'... go, and check them out. Go! Now!


  1. As always, thanks for the blog love sugar! xoxo

  2. You totally just made me all blushy. For real.

    Thank you!

  3. thank you!! That's so cool!