mini's review from the land of lemonade...

Mini and I made lemonade for the first time EVER.
Actually, the making of lemonade came after a whole bunch of Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?... Mommy, can we make lemonade?...

So, we did. Finally.
I consulted the "magic information box" and found a great recipe. Then I consulted the "magic Nenette brain" and changed it a bit. Here it is...

1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
5 cups more water
mint (optional)

1: Boil 1 cup of water. Turn off and add sugar. Stir until sugar has dissolved. This is your simple syrup that will perfectly sweeten the lemonade.
2: In a pitcher, mix the lemon juice with the simple syrup. Stir.
3: Add the rest of the water to the sweet lemon mix. Stir.
4: Pour some of the lemonade into an ice cube tray. Put tray into freezer, and chill the rest of the lemonade in the fridge.
5: Once lemonade in the ice tray has set, drop cubes into the lemonade and serve.
6: I think some mint added into the lemonade would also be nice.

Mini's Quick Minute Lemonade Review:
The awesomeness shows up at the 0:52 mark. It's the face that she uses to scare her father when he thinks she's sleeping -- makes him think she'll someday follow in her mommy's stabby ways...

Apparently, we made lemonade that turns little girls into all manners of crazy. She makes Mama proud.


  1. yes I think maybe less sugar next time or more water?:) I cheat and hit the frozen can stuff.

  2. @kyooty:
    Actually, the recipe was perfect, especially the parent/child bonding that comes with it. :)

  3. I made lemonade like this (boiling water, etc) last summer. It was divine. Now, Stewie constantly grabs the ReaLemon bottle out of the fridge & asks to make lemonade (a similar dialog to Mini's). It's a cheaty method (no boiling) but I think Max did it with them last week, judging by the barage of "wemadelemonade! canwebringlemonadetosoccer? canIhavesomelemonadeNOW?" I got when I walked in the door.

    WTF is up with lemonade?

  4. That is the definition of awesomeosity!

    Also, here's how I make lemondade: dump contents of Crystal Light packet into picther. Add water. Stir.

  5. I think "The Exorcist" was on TV last night... isn't that where that crazy girl look comes from? Very cute video.

    Home-made lemonade is great. Some time in the future you can blow her mind by adding a little grenadine (borrow it from Harmzie because you know she's always got a bottle in stock) to make it pink.

  6. I made homemade lemonade for the first time last week. It was very good!

  7. Looks mighty tasty!

    My recipe is to buy a carton of Minute Maid and pour.

  8. She's ADORABLE! Grrrrr! Rawrrrr! Looks like yummy lemonade! I'll have to try it with my little monkey!

  9. she *almost* achieved a sugar rush. thanks for the recipe!

  10. hehe, i like mini's lemonade review. it's so...unique! :-)