fries are made from potatoes. it's true.

Me: "Holy moly, son! You have to present your Class Expert thingy on Tuesday! That's 4 days!" Okay, I said "moly", but I was thinking "shit".

Lam: "Oh, no." He looked at me, eyes huge, and I knew he was thinking "holy shit" too.

Yeah, that's my 11th hour kid. Just like his mama. My 6 year old son will be pulling all-nighters in no time! I'm so proud. I didn't perfect that until I was at least 14.

For an end-of-school-year project, the kids of Room 17 -- aka the Alternative Class Grades 1, 2, & 3 -- were to each choose a topic they'd research, become an expert on, and present to the class and their parents.

In the end, Lam decided to talk about his favourite topic of all: french fries.

I helped him a little -- yes, helped -- because this was his very first ever project, and well, he's only in grade 1. However, he did all of the Googling himself.

Together, we displayed in pictures on a board the 8 steps of "How Potatoes Become Fries".

Here's Step 1 where he plants the eyes of one potato to grow a new potato plant. Yeah, that's staged. Roomie doesn't want potatoes growing in his veggie garden... for now.

And here's Step 5 where Lam cuts the potato into fries. No, he didn't really cut the potato himself.

Because of the stabby and burny potential, I did the actual peeling, cutting, boiling and frying. (Yep, I boil my fries before frying -- makes it lighter and crispier. )

For most of the steps, he prepared something to pass around to show the kids... a potato with the eyes circled, raw cut fries, boiled fries, homemade fries, and fries from Burger King, for, you know, comparison.

Lam didn't actually present his work on the 9th as scheduled. He came down with the flu, and ended up presenting the Monday after. Sadly, I didn't get to watch it because Lam's flu made its way to Mini, so I had to stay home with her while Roomie went to represent and document.

If I'd gone, I would've seen my super-awesome, cool son like this...


  1. That is awesome! and very age appropriate. my child tried to make a hovercraft

  2. Fries are one of my favorite topics too. YUM....

  3. Very cool and it's great that he is helping kids know where their food comes from. :)

  4. Way to go Lam! French fries rock!

  5. Wow--very impressive project!

  6. The staged planting of seed potato is the best :)

    You are a very nice mum for helping him out like that

  7. Hehe I like the "stabby and burny" part - very cute. I've tried to convince my 2YO that knives are for adults, but it isn't working. Maybe I'll explain about the "stabbing" and the "burning". I added your blog to my RSS reads. Great stuff!