share the passion... and pass the salt...

Roomie and I don't always find the same women attractive. Yeah, you read right -- no need to read it again.

I think I have a pretty good idea what Roomie's "type" is -- petite, buxum, intelligent, talented Asian women (well, duh) -- but it's still hit and miss with those outside of that demographic. Sometimes I think a woman's really cute, but to him, she's meh. So, I still wonder. Still curious.

Like the other day, this commercial came on...

Me: "Look, look! It's that commercial I wanted you to see!"

Roomie: "Okay."

Me: "See? I think that guy's really hot. Cute, scruffy. But I don't think she is all that attractive. Do you think she's hot?"

Roomie: "Meh, salt to taste." He shrugged then turned away.

Me: "But what does that even mean?!"


  1. ??? Really, what can a happily married woman gain by learning more about what *other* women her husband might find attractive?

    Because, you know, that always brings couples closer together. (That's sarcasm, I don't mean that in a kinky "let's spice things up, honey" sort of way.)

    And keep in mind the Sex and the City phenomenon where women tend to find the stars beautiful and the men make woofy noises. (I think we've had this conversation before). I thought of an earlier incarnation of this, the video for Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love --- the girls I knew all thought that the girls in the video were gorgeous, the boys... meh, salt to taste.

    (PS if you must know, I can spill the beans on one or two of your roomie's pre-marriage celebrity crushes, but I can't see how that knowledge would do anything but confuse and/or frighten you. :-)

    PS again, I love your blog, I find your choice of topics intriguing. :-)

  2. @Albert:
    He and I have been sharing this kind of info for years. You mean, you and Mrs. B don't? Really?

    I probably already know all of Roomie's pre-marriage crushes... celebrity and otherwise.

    Is that knowledge supposed to be bad? How?

    nope, he never did! :) If I know my Roomie, I think he meant that she's okay but would need a little more "seasoning" to be tasty. LOL

  3. I heard an interesting concept a while back of 'girl hot', in the context of clothes, which refers to the way that a lot of girls will dress to impress their girlfriends rather than dressing for men (not in a sexual/lesbian way, and not necessarily consciously)... men certainly seem to have a different taste in clothes (on women) to what I would pick out as most attractive.

    P.S. I can pretty well predict which girls my husband's going to find attractive, and I know when he'll disagree with my assessment!