week 7/8: pounds and pushups

In case you hadn't noticed, I didn't do a Bikini Project update last week. There was no point. The update would've been too short. The "Got period; didn't exercise; ate ice cream; threatened to cut all who came between me and my ice cream" kind of short.

Anyway, I was back to my happy, sweet, perky self about mid-week last week.
I immediately lost 3 pounds. Yay!
But it was just due to water retention. Boo!

Another 'yay' was realizing that my set point weight is now 5 lbs lower than the weight I started out with! Happy Dance Time!

Okay -- deep breath -- here come the numbers (about time, eh?)...

Starting: 138 lbs (which is a lot for someone 5'4" tall and small-boned)
Current: 133 lbs
At my medically-determined healthiest, I was 105-110 lbs, but because I'd like to put on some muscle, I'm aiming for 115-120 lbs. So...

Remaining: 15 lbs -- until bikini season! Yippee!
(Wow, sharing that wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Cool.)

Now, when it comes to muscle-building, I've been thinking of doing a bigger challenge than my regular knee-pushups, squats, and planks -- check this: 6 weeks to 100 push-ups!

I can't even do 10!

I KNOW!!! I'm a lunatic. I'm insane. I'm possibly also high. Whatever. I'm doing the one hundred push ups challenge.

Why? Well, this insane, high lunatic is always looking for the most efficient workout. Get in, get out, get the job done. No fiddle-farting around. Cheap is also good. Oh, and something I can do at home like I've been doing already.
Push-ups are all of those and more. I can potentially KICK MY OWN ASS with this challenge.

You want to try it out? Check it out here and let me know if you decide to do it to!

I'll be posting my progress within my weekly Bikini Project updates. I might even post a video, so stay tuned -- even if it is just for some laughs. :) And wish me luck!

Image by Niklas


  1. 100 pushups? I might just join you! I need a goal. If I'm in a good zone, I can do 30 now (of course, should I actually DO that, I likely wouldn't be able to hug my children for a week). Usually, I just quit at 15. It's on the ball, which is at an easier angle, but, hey, it's on a BALL!

    As for 10. You can do 10. Don't sell yourself short. Just do it. Concentrate on form. Report back.

  2. This is perfect! I'm going to do it, I was just thinking on my walk home tonight that I need something to build upper body strength and muscle tone, but it has to be easy in terms of time/equipment/money. This totally fits the bill, I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. @harmzie:
    Wish I were just selling myself short! Doing knee-pushups, I can do 8 max.
    Last week, I did the initial test (with full-form pushups, not knee-pushups), and didn't get past 5. This is going to take a LOT of work.

    If you do decide to do this, be sure to blog about it, and keep us posted!

    Glad my post helped! :) If you do this, please blog about it. I'd love to read about your progress.

  4. Oh good! I'm running out of topics, so I may just do that!

    And I meant to say: that picture? Ten kinds of eww!

  5. Well, I started with my Wii Fit and my goal is to lose 14 pounds before coming to Winnipeg - which I hope I can do.

    But came down with a nasty stomach virus and probably lost 5 pounds in the past 2 days. Losing weight while you're sick is definitely not the most healthy way, and the weight catches up once the appetite kicks back. Sigh.

  6. Um, ok, I don't really know what this means:

    Another 'yay' was realizing that my set point weight is now 5 lbs lower than the weight I started out with!

    So, does that mean you're already at your set point weight? So the next 15 lbs will be harder to lose?

    OK, I'll admit, I just skimmed the article you linked to... it probably explained it all there.

  7. @myrtle:
    Yes, that's pretty much it. Hmm... I can see where that may be confusing.
    Starting with a set point of 138lbs in January, it hasn't been easy coming down the 5lbs to 133. The next 15lbs will be just as difficult.

  8. @Cyndi:
    Oh, no! I hope you're all doing well now. No, it's not the ideal way to lose weight.

    You still have plenty of time to lose the 14lbs. Can't wait to see you!