the day I lost a tooth and embraced the fact that aliens are doing my laundry

Because I'm clearly not on enough social networks, I've joined I'm my own DJ, and holy cow, it's been fun!
Although not too fun for the kids. I picked a whole bunch of "oldies but goodies", and I'm sure Lam and Mini are scarred for life after they were forced to witness their parents boogyin' to Rock Lobster. Oh, the humanity!
No big. I'll be playing more dance music around kids -- they like it and will dance after the initial shock.

If I dance with the kids, I can probably count it as part of my workout. I've neither lost or gained this week, hovering at 133lbs. I did my tabata workouts, but I haven't had the guts to start with the pushups yet. Call me coward. But I should get them going because I need to build my upper body and core strength, and well, my ass is sore -- Ew, strictly muscle, folks -- I don't roll that way.

Now, about the aliens. They have descended and parked their spaceship in our basement. It has flashing lights. It beeps and tweets and plays a little melody to get my attention. It THINKS. Oh, but what's even more awesome (yes, it's the awesomest!) is that this spaceship also does laundry.

Yes, folks, we got ourselves one of those newfangled front-loading jobbies. Ain't it purty?!
Just ignore the crap around and on it.

It's an LG WM2010. And because of it, I actually love doing laundry now. Did I say that? Oh, I think I did!
The folding and putting away still sucks ass, but after doing my laundry at the laundromat (albeit a real fab laundromat with a Tim Horton's across the parking lot -- a factor in my laundromat selection, of course) only once a week since June 2008, just being able to do this at home anytime I want to is a luxury.

So... dishwasher? Check. Washing machine? Check. Next big purchase? Garage door opener. Can't wait. The car hole, and I, really need one.

Oh, and my tooth. Well, it was Treat Day, and Mini asked if we could make caramel apples. She's been bugging me about it since last Treat Day, and I knew if we didn't do it, she'd kinda explode.

So, here they are: caramel apples.

Unfortunately, shortly -- like about 5 minutes -- after they were done and it was time to eat them, Mini's looked like this:

... and mine looked like this:


Then I helped Mini with hers. After the first bite, my tooth came out! Actually, it's a false tooth that filled in a gap where the tooth never grew in.

Anyway, I started yelling, "I knew it! I knew it!" and freaked the kids out a bit because I did know, even when my dentist said it was fine at my last appointment after I told him it felt loose.
Ha! In your face, Dentist Man!

So now, I talk with a slight lisp (don't remember having one before), my mouth feels weird, and my husband calls me Cletus. Gotta make an appointment with Dentist Man.

I wonder what the Tooth Fairy would give me if I put my fake tooth under my pillow.


  1. Oh dang - a hubby calling you Cletus while you're missing a tooth? Geez, he should be thankful you didn't give him a matching hole! ;-}

  2. I think the dentist might say: "on the contrary: it's in YOUR face!" Of course, that might be just if I were the dentist. There are a number of reasons I didn't become a dentist. Patient interaction is but one.

    That's a beauty of a washer. Try not to be alarmed if I sneak off to your basement muttering "I need to be alone down here for a moment"

  3. My parents got a space ship with their new house a few years back. I remember thinking how weird it was and it took me awhile to get use to it's odd noises. They are pretty nice!

    I'm sorry to hear of your tooth. I hope it's an easy fix for the dentist. I say put it under your pillow and see what happens!

  4. Cletus...?? Wha.. :)
    Even though I don't really have anything to worry about, I'm not too fond of biting into an apple. I always have to cut it into pieces to eat it. My kids think I'm weird, but hey, they do it too.

  5. Nice looking machine... but why in the basement? I thought you had a main floor laundry room?

    Apparently front loaders are more efficient and softer on the clothes, but I've read recent reports where people are discouraged to find out they don't last as long as top-loaders because the weight of the water and clothes on the horizontal axis is mechanically rougher on the components. Not sure if that's true, though.

    Don't let Harmzie alone with the washer, she'll turn it on and do unspeakable things with it.

    And the tooth... the tooth... are you sure you want to go back to the same dentist? Maybe this is a good time to try to find one that, you know, can tell when a tooth is loose? Whatever you do, don't taunt him when you're about to sit in his chair! Have you seen Marathon Man? :-)

  6. Wait wait . . . did you say your washing machine tweets?!?

    I mean I knew twitter was getting popular but geez!


  7. Whoa. Sorry for the late comment replies guys! Trying to catch up...

    naw, there's a lot of mutual mocking. 'Cletus' was just payback!

    don't you have your own spaceship? in your own basement?

    yeah, the stop-and-go sounds of the spaceship did worry me at first, but I came to love it soon after.

    now that my teeth are fixed, I'm all worried about biting into apples and breaking them. I will definitely cut apples first when I eat them. :)

    Oh, the horrors I've read about some makes of front-loaders! Yes, they don't last as long as top-loaders, and if you get one that isn't made well, you're SOL.
    LOL about the dentist. I'm okay with him -- the only person who would've noticed a problem was me.

    A washing machine with internet access?! hmmm... :)

  8. OK, here's some washer/drier advice... yesterday, as I was preparing our Thanksgiving feast (solo chef, since Mrs Bannatyne was laid up with pneumonia), I was informed that a small kid's toy had gone down the hole while the lint trap on the drier was removed for defluffing. A small, flammable kid's toy.

    So, I could either hope that it gets blown out the vent, or it sticks and doesn't catch fire. I opted to take the back of the driver off to look for and remove the offending toy. While everything was moved around and disassembled, I checked the vent duct to make sure it wasn't a fire hazard (OK, not much lint caught there at all).

    But, while I had the back of the drier off and was reaching around where you shouldn't be reaching around, I found a huge pile of crap that had not been caught by the lint trap but had not been blown out the vent. A lot of it was sand, with a low risk of catching fire, but a lot of it was just matted fluff.

    Lesson? Don't wait 10 years before opening up the back of your drier to see if some crap has accumulated instead of being blown out the vent!