awesomeness comes in 3s...

Legend has it that assy things come in threes, but you know, so do awesome things.

Awesome #1: I've been asked to be a contributing blogger at the Canada Moms Blog! To be among the group of awesome Canadian Moms on the blogging roster is quite exciting, humbling, and yes, nerve-wracking! (I'm talking Big Name mom bloggers, folks!) You can read my first article here. As I said, I'm still a bit nervous about it, so please head over there and leave a comment. Thanks a bunch!

Awesome #2: We've finally made plans to get a kitten. Whoa! Holy OUT-OF-THE-BLUE, Batman! Yeah, you thought we managed to distract Mini with the bunny catching contraption, but no, she wouldn't let it go. Eventually, Roomie and I decided that she needed a cat, and will be getting one just before Spring Break. She'll have a week to hang out with the little fur ball to let the novelty wear out. This way, she will less likely fake feeling sick in order to stay home from school to hang with Car... yeah, that's one of the names she's decided to name the cat. I don't know where she comes up with these things...

Awesome #3: My pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler is now on Twitter. Yes, it's the REAL him, and yes, I'm stalking following him. If you tweet him, he will deny that he is my pretend boyfriend, because, you know, we want to keep it on the hush-hush. ;)

Update 4pm:
Well, heck, this probably isn't Gerry. Effing trolls. Reliable sources turned out may not be so reliable at all. Knew it was too good to be true. Will look into it more and see what I can find.
So, as a replacement awesome, I got my tooth fixed! I'm no longer Cletus, lisping, or feeling weird in the mouthal area. And it only cost $96, and not $3000 like my friend Trinity said. Thanks for the unfounded mini freakout, T! :)

So... ahem... anyone know if Ed Quinn's on Twitter?... ;)


  1. Gerry Butler is NOT on Twitter according to his manager. So you're following a troll. Just thought you'd like to know.

  2. @MAE:
    Thanks! What I thought were reliable sources said that it was him, but I guess they've been duped too.

  3. omg, I didn't even finish reading the post, I went straight to twitter to follow Gerard Butler, then I came back to find the above comments, bwahaha. In my defense, there were no comments according to the link. Anyways, gratz on your new gig! I'm off to read your post now, can't wait to see kitten pic's too :-)

  4. Yay! We adopted a little kitten this year and love him so much! Congrats the kitten decision and all the other great awesomeness in your life.

  5. congrats with your first blog on canada mom blog!!

    i'm kinda peeved to learn that the cheerleader from heroes has been romantically linked to gerry. now i don't like her any more. heheh. jealousy? a bit, but that's the taurus side of me kicking in.

    can't wait to see pics when the kitten comes home! :)

  6. Congrats on your new blogging gig. That's awesome!

  7. BIIIG GRATS on item 1!!!

  8. Thank you all so much for the congrats! I really appreciate it. :)

    And I promise to put up pictures of the kitten as soon as we get her.

    Love you all!

  9. Hey, congratulations on your new gig, that's great news. It's about time the rest of the country recognized your awesomeness.

    And it's great that your dentist was able to do the needful for only $96. But that doesn't mean we have to stop calling you Cletus, does it? :-)

  10. @Albert:
    Thanks! I am a mixture of pleased and stunned about the whole thing. :)
    But if they think I'm as awesome as my friends think I am, I'm very cool with that. :D

    And yes, you may continue to call me Cletus, but only on special occasions.