7:41 am is not early.

I'm a morning person. I usually wake up at 6am without the alarm clock -- don't hate me because I'm a beautiful freak -- and despite the typical morning fogginess, I'm happy, energetic, and ready to start the day.

Unlike my husband who needs coffee to function before noon. Unfortunately, he doesn't drink coffee. It's like living with a bear in pajamas.

Wait, this post is about me.
Anyway, this week has been very weird. Weird like this...

I've been feeling not-quite-myself these past few days -- more like a 4-year-old in funny nose glasses. Good thing I had the picture to illustrate, eh? What are the chances?

I've been waking up late -- probably due to the insomnia. (Read on.)

I've had insomnia (See?). I think it's because of the roast chicken I'd had for dinner. If you've had insomnia, don't tell my husband -- he'll blame poultry. (Why? Read on.)

I've been sick. My husband said it's allergies. He has allergies. If you have a runny nose, he'll also tell you that you have allergies too (See?). But I tried to kiss him the other day. He tried to avoid me. So, you don't really think it's allergies, do you, Mr. Fablo.

I was supposed to ovulate this week (Yes, I went there... again), and after some intensive self-probing (mentally, not physically -- eww), I don't think I did, which totally screws up my hormones.

And now that I think about it, even my already bizarre kids are acting even more twitchy and combative than usual, like this...

I don't think the "weird" is going to end any time soon. It might even get worse before it gets better. I'm bracing myself for the really weird, unlikely stuff to start happening... like locusts or world peace. Or my kids actually start cleaning up their messes.


  1. Don't think we didn't notice the change in the tag line, Mrs. Fablo... nuts indeed!

    Weird schmweird. What's weird is that hubby (you should really give him at least a pseudonym --- oooh, can I pick it, can I pick it? Maybe I'd pick... Brother Jake? Is that a good alias? Or what about Mayor Katz? Is that better? Archie Wood? I think I can go on forever without running out of Winnipeg names of note, but I don't know what strikes the right level of absurdity without creeping you out because, hey, who really wants to be married to Brother Jake?) thinks your insomnia is caused by roast chicken.

  2. @albert:
    hey, mr. observant, read the post again... *I* think MY insomnia was caused by a momentary lapse in my pesco-vegetarianism. My husband doesn't think that AFAIK. His tendency to generalize about his allergies is why I claimed he would say that about other people's insomnia. It's part of the joke, man.

    And have you actually been reading my blog all this time? hubby has a pseudonym. read my About page. it's not brilliant like max power or anything, but it's one I'm happy with. :P

  3. @albert:
    Oh, and did you just notice the new tagline? :D

  4. I can relate to the insomnia. For example it's currently twenty minutes before four o'clock in the A.M. yet here I am reading your blog wondering if I will ever fall asleep :-)

  5. Fellow insomniac here too! We tried Tofurkey sausage last night in my quest to be more veg. Ewww. Yuck-o. I don't recommend. Now, the fake chicken patties, yummy. ;)

  6. @Kari:
    I've found some great ideas here: http://www.mothernature.com/Library/bookshelf/Books/62/55.cfm

    The tums just before bed have helped.

    Thanks for the tips... I'll avoid the sausage and check out the fake chicken patties :)

  7. When I have insomnia, I get Tim to talk about his master's thesis (in Physics!). I am out within 2 minutes. Shall I lend him to you? Would roomie mind? Could we just trade for one night? Tim has run out of stories, like most engineering types I know! LOL

  8. @Natasha:
    That's a great idea! Unfortunately, being a 'geer type myself, I'll start to understand, follow along, and just get too annoyed (because I don't want to follow along) to fall asleep. LOL! That's the reason why I don't want Roomie talking about that kind of stuff at home, day or night! :)
    But if you'd like, I'll get Roomie to burn one of his math rants on CD for you to listen to if you need help nodding off. :)