Psst... Wanna Buy An "F"?

Yes, we're on Sesame Street today. I'm not 'Stan in a Tan Van', but I've been tagged!

Toni has given me a mission: Write a list of 10 things I love that start with the letter "F".

Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to find anything that starts with the letter "F" that isn't rude, perverted, or sexual in any way? And no, my mind isn't always in the gutter! Seriously. Shut up.

But I tried really hard, my friends. So, here -- in no special order -- are the 'f' results of a few days of deep thought... which, without the usual valium and assorted hallucinogens, really hurts! ... just kidding. :)

1. FAMILY. My kids and hubby... my most favourite people in the world. Then add on my sister, in-laws, uncles, aunts, and cousins... a crazy, quirky bunch, but they're my crazy, quirky bunch.

2. FRIENDS. My second family, my Village, my posse, my partners-in-crime. Over the years -- Martini Nights, GOPs, sushi lunches, and boxes of hand-me-down kids' clothes. The folks who know the real reason why the blender was invented.

3. FRUIT. Being an island-girl, I favour tropical fruit -- papaya, mango, pineapple, but I also love berries, nectarines, and melons... mmm... nectarines... ;)

4. FREEBIE List. Tall, dark, handsome, smart, and funny... my fantasy dudes, my eye candy, the hotties that make me think that God just might be a woman.

5. FEVER by Peggy Lee. Very sexy song. My favourite rendition of this classic is this live performance by Peggy accompanied only by an acoustic bass and drums. Awesome.

6. FISH, sashimi-style. Salmon, tuna -- fresh and raw, the best way.

7. FANS. Silk, sandalwood (like my favourite one from the Philippines), feather... any fan that creates a cool, gentle breeze on a hot, sultry night.

8. FIRE. Warm, comforting, colourful. I love roasting chestnuts and marshmallows, and making popcorn over them. I could stare into a fire for hours. Very meditative.

9. FUTURAMA. Funny, funny, funny. Better than The Simpsons, I dare say.

10. FRIDAY. The most laid-back day of the work week. I love that, at night, we all stay up later, play video games past 8pm, and watch tv in bed or read until we fall asleep.

Okay, that's my list.

Do you want to do one too?
Okay, take the last letter of your last name and give me 10 of those. If you decide to put your list on your blog, be sure to leave a comment here with the link so we can come and see.

Image by Leo Reynolds


  1. F is for fabulous!!!!! Thanks for completing the list. And boy, taking on your challenge would be tough for me because the last letter of my last name begins with a "U". That's a U for uh-oh because I can't think of anything. Hahaha!

  2. Yay for fruit! I'm actually picky about fruit, but oh how I love berries, red grapes and melons. It's what I crave when I'm feeling dehydrated.

    This list looks fun. So fun I may just have to give it a try myself. I will come back with a link when I get it completed!

  3. Okay mine is up! My letter is 'L'.