Parties, Bacon, and Classic Quotes

Around this time of the year, for the past 3 years, we've gathered at our friends', Sly and Mr.Sly, to celebrate the birthday of their daughter. Because it's so close to Halloween, everyone's encouraged to come in costume.

Just saying, so you know we don't always dress like this for our parties. And we don't always pose for pictures holding up hot dog weiners. Again, just saying.

This is Sly and two of her friends peeling the last of the individually wrapped weiners. We were not impressed with the excess, environmentally-irresponsible packaging.

However, the dogs were deemed tasty and acceptable by the almost 20 kids at the party. Even Mini ate a lot. I think she's making up for my meatlessness.

This year, like many others, Roomie, the kids, and I were the last to leave the Slys' party. And this year, like many others, the evening oddly ended with rapturous expounding of the glorious virtues of a discussion about bacon. I don't know why. The last time it was because Mr. Sly cooked another batch of bacon-wrapped steak and insisted we had to stay and finish it so it wouldn't go to waste. I swear, I had the meat sweats that night.

This time, Roomie announced that, the night before, he had made a bacon weave. Roomie took the extra step of sprinkling mozzarella cheese on it while it was still hot and rolling it. The smell in the house was intoxicating!
In the end, it looked like this, all sliced up:

That cheesy piece at the end there, that was mine. Yes, I sampled. And it was awesome!!! Damn you, bacon, you gateway meat you! Vile tempter!

After we described it to them, Sly got that mischevous glint in her eye and said to Roomie, "So, did you finally manage to shove some meat down her throat?" And we all laughed.

Yeah, that's an inside joke. Sly first said it to the very new boyfriend of our friend (and vegetarian) MissT. For a few seconds there, she didn't know why everyone was laughing.

Yeah, we and our friends tend to do things like that -- like my "back to the old bump and grind", and these famous words of our friend Monique: "It was so big, I couldn't keep my mouth off it", which was a rather unfortunate mix of "I couldn't take my eyes off it" and "I couldn't keep my mouth shut", especially since she was in fact describing an unusually large penis.


  1. So, who was it that changed "bump & grind" to "slap & tickle"?

    In my mind, anyway, I always attribute that to you, but I don't know where it came from. Just for the record, it doesn't come into my mind very often!

    Nice post; "Carpe Baconum! (numnumnumnum)"

  2. @harmzie:
    Elizabeth and I had painted the senior stick's office. It was a lot more work and took more time than anticipated, and I was looking at a night full of labs to finish, definitely not looking forward to it. That was when I uttered those words... Our illustrious stick just looked at me with that smirk he usually sports and said, "What?!" And beside him, Roomie let out one of his loud laughs and said the old "slap and tickle" retort.
    Good grief.

    Glad you liked it. Although I'm sure it was primarily because I talked about bacon. ;)

  3. Bacon is totally the gateway meat. I've often said that I could have been a vegetarian, except for bacon. But that doesn't really count, then - does it? So I just eat all my meats and love them all.

  4. @wyliekat:
    yeah, I hear ya. I've been able to kick poultry and red meat really easily. And for a while there, I didn't have any pork either... then Thanksgiving (and my glazed ham) came around... and my husband *had* to make that bacon weave. Now, I have to get the pork thing under control again -- which was REALLY hard to do in the first place!

  5. The weaving of the bacon isn't a bad idea (it keeps it nice and flat as it cooks, very easy to slip into sandwiches etc after) but turning it into a bacon/cheese maki sushi just sounds gross. It's like an attempt to get the maximal amount of bacon into your mouth all at once. I'd put the bacon-nori in the same category as the Pizza Hut stuffed crust --- just too much of a good thing.

    And face it, bacon has all the redeeming nutritional qualities of a cigarette and is about as healthy. Sure, the addicts say the pleasure is worth it, but it's not virtuous. :-)

    And I wonder if you mixed up a couple of different events in the telling of the slap and tickle story. Surely the senior stick could not have been there the night you vandalized his office. It must have been some other night, don't you think? Or did you paint it more than once?

  6. @Albert:
    I'll leave the defending of bacon's honour to the True Believers. :)

    Now I must admit that I had a whole afternoon's worth of paint fumes floating around in my brain, but I'm sure our dear senior stick had made an appearance just as the last stroke was applied. I recall a look of resignation and a lot of head shaking... then a crapload of laughter after the "bump and grind" fiasco.
    The office was painted only once by me and my cohorts... I cannot take credit for any subsequent paintings.