Who Shuns Metric, The Stud & his Muffin, and Today's Question

Time for one of those posts with links to recent cool things on the webby frontier...

1: Check out this picture of countries who are NOT using the Metric System.

2: I just LOVE Reese and Jake!!! As my fav celeb gossip girl Lainey recently said, "Love them so much they make me squee."
And I did just that when I saw these pics at JustJared, and not just because Jake looks like how I picture those dudes in my favourite erotic novels... well, mostly because of that. :)
Really, I'm so happy they've found each other. She's a dedicated mom, beautiful, and "Academy Award winning" - talented, with the smarts and strength to ditch a cheating ex. He's a talented actor, really hot (seriously, check out those pictures!), a down-to-earth family guy (judging by pics with his sister, niece, and Reese's kids), and all-around just nice!
I really hope they make it. Squee!

3: Head over to Bionic-Beauty and answer today's question. I am! :)

Have a good one!

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