Of Stains and Nipples...

Roomie and I were watching an episode of Torchwood that we'd taped, when the Tide Superbowl commercial came on again (scroll down). The following conversation ensued...

Me: "I love this commercial! Probably one of the most effective commercials I've ever seen. Gets the message across fast. We can all relate."

Roomie: "Sure... I bet it'd be the same if you went to an interview wearing a shirt with the nipples cut out. You know, wear a regular blazer over top, but when you get into the interview room..."

Okay, at this point, I stopped listening to him, as I tend to do when he takes the conversation to a whole new level of crazy.

But I had to wonder what would happen if you did wear a cut-out shirt... would the interviewer mention it?... if so, would you pretend you didn't know what he/she was talking about?... would you get escorted out by security?... or would you actually get the job BECAUSE of it?

Try it out... and let me know...


  1. I supposed it would depend upon the nature of the job you're being interviewed for.

    As an aside, how exactly am I supposed to respond in a "mature & reasonable manner" (your "Leave your comment" instructions) to such a topic?

  2. @harmzie -
    good question :) you know, I'm not really sure...

  3. I am so happy I don't go on interviews anymore.

  4. o god I can tell it what a full moon last night.

  5. I just tried it. And yes, the interviewer told me that I was being hired based on the quality of my nipples. Not sure what he meant, but now I have a great job with a bright future. Thanks LifeCandy!

  6. @mrs.mogul -
    you and me both, girlfriend!

    @ali khan -
    unfortunately, I wrote that the night before... I have no excuses! :)

    @paul -
    you are welcome, my friend!... my work is done :)

  7. Tee hee! Torchwood and nipples!

    I've really got nothing else to contribute I guess... but I'd guess in some business it might actually get you the job. Of course, it depends on the gender or preferences of the interviewer. ;)