The Commenter Game: Vacations

Image: packed by jsc.

As you know, I enjoy hearing from my readers, so I've decided to do a Commenter Game. I've participated in a few myself on Toni's and Shai's blogs, so now I'm doing one here too.

Okay, here's how it goes. I ask a question. The 1st Commenter answers it and leaves a new question for Commenter #2. Commenter #2 answers that question and leaves a question for Commenter #3... and so on down the chain. Makes sense, right?

The topic of today's game is: Vacations.

Please keep all questions related to the topic. Avoid asking the same questions twice. And feel free to participate more than once... just make sure we don't branch off anywhere!

Okay, let's begin!

Question for Commenter #1: How long was your longest vacation away from home?


  1. I never really been on a long vacation, probably the longest is about 2 1/2 weeks with my parents. We went away for 2 weeks every summer, then they decided to stretch it out to 2 1/2 and I *hated* it, it was just too long for someone like me who likes their home. Now I can't even spend a weekend vacationing with the parents, I hate things being out of my control and I hate being away from my stuff. Last year I demanded that christmas at least be at their house and threatened not to come if we had to go traipsing round the country!
    Question for the next reader: What is your dream vacation? Why? Who would you take? Are you working towards making it happen? (yea, it's more than one question, you can choose to answer only some!)

  2. What a fun topic - vacation! To answer Nicola's question about my dream vacation:

    I have always wanted to go to Australia or NZ. I have this thing about jumping with the kangaroos and disappearing into the sand of the beach and ocean. There will be snorkeling in the very least!

    My question for the next reader: If you had to take a five day vacation but had to go to three different places within that time, where would they be and how would you get there? Remember - not much time to jump across the pond :-)

  3. hmm... 5 days... With that limited time, I'd have to say: Barbados - beach/pool/hot tub! I need more time to explore more interesting places!

    Next question: What is your "luggage lingerie"? To borrow from nen's makeup "lingerie", what is the one travel item you could not do without (tickets, passports - items TO get there don't count!)

  4. Luggage Lingerie.

    Money! Lots of it!...An item? Aviators. Can't live without them in sunny destinations.

  5. You have a very nice site here. i have enjoyed reading all your posts. I will be glad to come back again. Have a superb weekend.

  6. wow, vacations..definitely my thing.(I mean its 'part' of my work anyways,hehe)

    I think I'll answer harmzie again...I'd say I must have my camera, its a Must Have for me; partly cos of work..

    When on vacation whats' the first thing must NOT do? :)

  7. First thing one must NOT do: Go online and/or keep doing things that will make you miss all the fun.

    My Q: What's the worst/best vacation you ever had?

  8. What NOT to do:

    - don't get your passport or credit card stolen. Never happened to me, but friends have had their backpacks razored and looted, or had their bags "examined" and looted by police. Makes for a real downer when you have to spend the rest of your holiday acquiring documentation that will allow you to fly home, or to pay your hotel bill.

    - don't get into a car crash. Totalling a brand new rental Mustang (19 miles on the odometer) on day 1 of a driving holiday puts a damper on your enthusiasm for the rest of the trip. This also happened to a friend --- the police agreed the collision was 100% the fault of the other driver and even drove them to the rental agency to explain, to ensure they got a replacement car.

    Question: what's the craziest thing you've done far away from the eyes and ears of friends and family at home?

  9. Question: what's the craziest thing you've done far away from the eyes and ears of friends and family at home?

    at 16, without ANYONE's knowledge, I took a trip to a tourist island, to see Jon Bon Jovi (???!!). Then, missing the last ferry back to mainland Singapore, I decided to crash in a very clean washroom. (This is Singapore, it's very very clean, but still, it's a washroom). I got caught by another teenage girl who invited me to crash her place. And I did. Stupid youth.

    Question: What are you doing for your next vacation.

  10. My turn!
    Answer: Aww heck, we are supposed to take and plan vacations??? I guess we'll count driving to the Florida Keys for the first week of November. It's to meet a family member but it'll be nice to sit by the docks and watch the sailboats, chat with old sea salts, and have a beer.

    My Question:
    What "essential" gadgets do you take for vacations? (You *knew* i'd have to make it geeky somehow...)