And the Verdict is...

... I wish I knew.

I took a test yesterday, and it was negative. A very firm negative. But is it a false negative?

Looking back at my Twitter updates, drugstore receipts, and events in my datebook, I'm sure I was testing at the best time for a conclusive result. Maybe I'm off. Not sure, so I will definitely test again in a couple of days if I have to.

Meanwhile, I continue to have brain-splitting headaches for which I can't take anything - Ibuprophen and ASA are not allowed during pregnancies (even unconfirmed ones); Acetaminophen gives me an upset stomach - and I have cramps on and off.

It's been 4 years since since I've been pregnant so I don't remember if what I'm feeling is a pregnancy thing or a menstrual thing that I wouldn't normally pay attention to. Wish I knew.

Stay tuned... again...

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