Laundry World...

Ever since our washing machine bid us a fond farewell, we've been going to Laundry World to wash our clothes.

I'd say it was a bother to wash outside the home, but it really hasn't been.

I have a system worked out. The night before, I sort the clothes into separate bags, so the next morning, I just load up the car and head off. I throw each bagful into a separate machine - I choose the front-loading ones. Washing, drying, and folding takes about 1-1/2 hours... 2 tops... enough time for me to sit and pound out some ideas for the blog.

Family-owned Laundry World is further away from my house, but I like it there. They have over 70 machines, so there's always a machine at the ready. They're always clean and in good repair. And the owners are so friendly and available for any assistance.
The kids enjoy their time there too - the video games, kids' books and pinball machine are a rare treat. They especially love that we can buy chips there.

Buying chips there always gives me a giggle. It always reminds me of the time my sister and I were on a train to Vancouver, and we decided to buy chips for breakfast because the vending dude was so cute.

No, that's not the real reason why we do laundry there.


  1. Anonymous19 July, 2008

    I can't say I've ever done laundry at and launder mat, but I don't think I would get much done. I tend to leave my house only when I have to for work and such. I pay about $30 a month to rent my washer and drier, and for me it's worth being able to do laundry in private whenever I want.

    That place sounds huge! I've never seen so many washers and driers in one place, so perhaps I wouldn't mind one bit :-)

  2. @kari -
    Spending $30/month is pretty good! Doing the laundry for all 4 us at Laundry World costs about $40/month, but I really do miss being able to wash something whenever I want to.

    Tho, I must admit, it's nice being able to do all my laundry in 2 hours. :)

  3. Having to use the car to do the laundry is a real bummer... unless you really prefer leaving the house to launder, tell hubby to get off his duff and get his act together! No more spending time creating solar-powered peek-a-boo art projects to nail up on hydro poles until his dearly beloved doesn't have to drive somewhere to wash clothes!

    If he can't MacGyver together some system to help automate the washing of clothes, who can?

  4. @albert -
    it's forced me to get out of the house, which I must admit has been nice. But I can see it being a real pain in the ass in winter.
    Oh, my! I hope we don't wait that long for a new washer/dryer...

  5. Hey, that's by my place! You should stop by...