On the Last Day of School...

Yesterday, we decided to pick Lam up on his last day of kindergarten all together as a family. It was a hot, sunny day. On the way home...

Lam: "I can't wait 'til we get home. I want a drink."

Me: "Me too."

Hubby: "Me three."

Mini: "Me one hundred... and six."


  1. wow. I say that every day on my way home from work! I'm sure it has much different meaning for him :-S

    Seriously, that's pretty sweet.

    Little G's last day is this morning (Little A, too). Last night she informed me that she wanted to dress "special" on her last day and she went away to prepare. She came back a couple of minutes later and asked for her little brother's bow tie. wtf???

    It was resolved without the bow tie and without a battle, but sometimes I struggle between forcing her to conform to the tiny box that is "acceptable" and hearing that future screeching voice "You let me wear THAT???"

    So, did you all have a drink?

  2. @harmzie -
    isn't it more like "I NEED a drink" for us? :)

    So, what "special" outfit did Little G end up wearing?

    Water, apple juice, and wildberry juice was shared by all and sundry when we got home :) I had the water... it was delish!

  3. no... no... it's still "want". I have a sub-conscious rule that when it becomes "need", it's time to analyze the work-life balance, the parenting style, etc... so far, so good (most days!)

    LG ended up wearing a skirt & a shirt. She loves skirts, so it was really an easy sell.

  4. @harmzie -
    Ah, yes, I agree... and concur! :)

    I'm sure LG looked great on her last day of school... she may be a force on the soccer pitch, but she's still a girlie-girl :)

  5. Check out her new "girly-girl" haircut on my FB pictures!

    #3 had his done too and has commented on several different occasions, to different audiences that "it's wike wuuk!" I usually have to translate (and it took me a while to figure out what he was getting at)

  6. *LOL* That is sooo cute. :)

  7. @harmzie -
    I commented this on FB, but had to say again that LG looks quite cute with her new cut. Very pixie... I love it :)

    And "wuuk" is very flattered that his little buddy remembers him.

    @toni -
    thanks :) She's our little comedienne, always coming up with something that makes us giggle.