Lam's 6th Birthday...

This is the very first picture captured of our little man, Lam. Isn't he cute? Taken over 6 years ago. Seems like yesterday.

Our little guy had his 6th Birthday this weekend. We are so proud! He had a Boys' Only party at the Western Canada Aviation Museum with a few of his buddies and their dads. Roomie was a little nervous about hosting - I'd planned it, but he had to carry it through and he wanted it to go well.
From the looks of it, he did a wonderful job, and Lam had a great time with his friends!

To our favourite little man...
Daddy, your baby sis Mini, and I love you so much. We hope you enjoyed your birthday. :)


  1. yay! A belated Happy Birthday to Lam!


  2. @myrtle -
    Lam says thanks with a big hug... he might email you again... and ask you to join yet another one of his new online groups... :)