Happy Summer Solstice!

Image: The Fable of the Moth and the Sun

To my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, I wish you all a fabulous Summer Solstice today!

Today, our Earth has reached its farthest point in orbit from the Sun, but its tilt brings the Sun to its highest point on our Earth giving us in the Northern Hem the longest day and the shortest night of our year.

I hope you have a bright sunny day to spend with your friends and family. As for the night, it'll be short, so you may have just enough time for a quickie... so, make it a good one!


  1. ...unable to help noting the potential connection between your last sentence here and your latest twitter... (seems to be from appx 3pm cst)

    you should be more careful.

  2. @harmzie -
    :) totally unrelated, I'm sure!... the ass mystery has been solved LOL

  3. Anonymous22 June, 2008

    wow, its that time of the 'year' again...ok..maybe not 'year', ok I'm gonna enjoy my day now..

  4. @xander -
    time flies very quickly, doesn't it?! I hope you did enjoy your day :)