The Blog Star Awards

For this week's 52 Weeks of Blog Community assignment, I give a blog star award to 3 fabulous women whose blogs have made such a difference in my life.

So, without further ado, I present blog stars to...

* Jami at
* Mrs.Mogul at mrs.mogul - big city mama & pop culture addict
* April at April's CR Diary -
I found Jami's blog through Jen's Mythbuster Beauty a few, very short months back. I was first struck by the simple elegant design of her blog, but her honesty, candidness, and how she reaches out to her readers keep me coming back with each new post. A fellow geek, she's become a friend who brings out my fun girlie side by sharing her fun girlie side, and that's really cool!

mrs.mogul - big city mama & pop culture addict -
I don't remember how I found Mrs.Mogul, but I'm glad I did. I describe her as my "pop culture crack dealer". I visit her every day for cool stuff, her angle on the latest in celebrity happenings, and a peak into her fun world.

April's CR Diary -
I've been reading April's blog for over a year now. A smart and gutsy woman, April's efforts in maintain her good health have helped me in my own CRON practice. Her posts are insightful, candid, and have taught me to be fearless in the pursuit of good health my own way.

Many thanks to you! You and your blogs have changed my life for the better. Please keep it up!


  1. Hooray Bionic Beauty! I will take a look at the other sites as well.

    Thanks Nenette, you are a blog star!

  2. You're a blog star too, Jen! And thanks for all the stumbles. :)
    I hope you like all the other sites!

  3. Thank you Nenette!! And thanks for the compliments and kind words on my blog. Woo hoo! Go girl-power-bloggers! :)

  4. Congrats on YOUR noms!

    And thanks for pointing out some other cool feeds. Or maybe I should say: curse you!


  5. @bionic beauty -
    You totally deserve it, Jami! :)

    @harmzie -
    heeheehee.. you love it, and you know it! ;)

  6. Anonymous12 June, 2011

    Hi - I am definitely delighted to find this. great job!