Cute Fuzzy Animal Testing...

I was reading Jami's blog the other day, and I was really happy to see that her newest entry that day had a link to's Companies That Do/That Don't Test on Animals.

This came at a good time as I was planning to do a makeup case audit again, and my mascara was due to be pitched again.

I was so surprised to still see so many big names on the Do Test list, but I'm also very happy to see so many more names on the Don't Test list. At any rate, I'm just glad to know which to support and which to boycott.

Question for my readers: Is testing on animals a factor in your cosmetics/grooming product purchases?


  1. Nenette, Thanks for mentioning my blog! :) I've certainly taken a different attitude towards what makeup products I buy or not by reading the Caring Consumer pamphlets. It's just amazing to me how many companies still think they need to test on small n' fuzzies. Grrr... Love your blog by the way!

  2. I try not to think about animals when I buy cosmetics but I do support the Body Shop by buying their stuff occasionally.

  3. Thanks, Jami... I love your blog too! It's very informative and helps keep me from overspending... plus it's a fun read. :)