10 Musings of 2007...

One last look back...

1) Most Notable Addiction:

I know I'm not the only one! At the peak of my addiction, I was on every day, several times a day. It was great reconnecting with past friends & long-lost family, but it was getting ridiculous. These days, I maybe get on once a week to check in and change my status... maybe.

2) What Gave Me The Purest Light-Hearted Laugh (Outside of My Kids or Roomie):
Christine's YouTube videos remind me of the incredibly cute, quirky, and lovable side my Filipino heritage. Stuff I used to be so embarrassed about and took so seriously growing up, now I giggle fondly at. Thanks to Christine, my kids can experience the lighthearted side of their Filipino half.

3) Good Habit Acquired:
Putting on Lotion after a Shower
I used to be inconsistent with this, sometimes slathering, sometimes not. Now, I have a method, a "lotion application strategy", if you will. This is important living in an area with a very dry winter... especially now that I have *gasp* older skin!

4) Most Life-Altering Decision I Had To Make:
Closing the Hula School
I LOVED teaching hula & tahitian dance as much as I loved dancing it. And after 2 years of being in operation, I'd filled up my classes and was getting booked so often that I had to pass gigs on to my cousin who was a big help. Eventually, I had to turn away performances when neither Glo nor I could make it. This schedule, obviously, interfered with my family life. I started resenting the whole hula thing for tearing me away from my kids, so closing was an easy decision to make. I love what I do now... blogging at home with my family.

5) Act I Wish I'd Seen Live in Concert:
The Police
I saw them in the 80s. They were hot then - they're hot now. Need I go on?

6) Celebrities I'd Love to Party With:
Rosario Dawson and Rihanna
They both seem cool, fun, and smart. Girls' night at the karaoke bar would be such a blast with these two as companions... and you thought I was going to say Brit and Paris, right?! ;)

7) Movies I Wish I'd Seen at the Theatre:
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Spiderman 3
Movies with great special effects MUST be seen on a big screen... at IMAX, if possible.

8) Most Notable Food Discovery:
Volcano Roll
Spicy, rich, and very creamy, the sauce for this maki sushi is probably the daily calorie limit for a small woman, but OMG, it's so tasty! I had it at a sushi lunch with my girlfriends... holy moly, I'm sold.

9) Notable "The Universe is Smiling on Us" Moments:
Water Heater, Toaster & Neo
"I wish I could take longer, hotter showers" - the next month, our 25-year-old tepid-warm 30-gallon water heater blows, allowing us to get a new 60-gallon water heater... WooHoo!!!
"Okay, the toaster's kicked it" - the next day, we get a beautiful new toaster... for free.
"Oh, crap, a mouse got into our crawlspace!" & "Mommy, can we get a cat?" - the next week, on a cold night, a shivering stray cat appears at our door... LA names him 'Neo'... with the Humane Society coming to a dead end and no owner to claim him, he stays with us... and catches the mouse... he's still with us today. :)

10) Favourite Song of the Year:
"Umbrella" by Rihanna
LOVE it. Wasn't it released in the late-spring/early-summer? And here I am in winter, still singing to it... "ella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay..."

Those are only 10 of my many musings of the year. I think a lot. :)
Hope your 2007 was good too. See you in 2008!

Happy New Year!!!

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