Guilty Pleasures...

Roomie refused to get me anything on my Wish List for my birthday this year. Actually, it's like this every year.

Why? Because my list is populated with things I want for the house... a new credenza for the dining room, a new grill machine, a new storage ottoman/coffee table for the livingroom, etc. He says that gifts should benefit the recipient alone, not his/her spouse or kids.

Okay, he's got a point.

So, after thinking long and hard, I asked him for the latest issues of my favourite girlie-girl magazines, In Style and Allure.

I love these suckers! They're fun, inexpensive, and something I wouldn't normally buy for myself. I love seeing what's on the runways this season and how the hottest celebs are wearing their hair and makeup on the red carpet.
I used to buy them all the time, but these days I just can't justify the expense. I can't imagine spending $6 months every month for a book of advertisements that will ultimately end up in the recycling box! Argh!

So, they will forever more be a birthday treat.

Anyway, I was flipping through my lovely InStyle, and on the last page, was their regular feature on Guilty Pleasures. November's was Keri Russell's. I was inspired.
So, because I'm still sick and still too cranky to write anything too deep or profound (that would be too painful), you get another glimpse into the fluffy side of Nenette's brain through my own list of guilty pleasures...

Accessory Addiction?
I'm not really into bling but I rarely ever leave the house without my bracelets -- a dark green jade tortoise woven bracelet, a gold teddy bear charm bracelet, and a gold watch bracelet -- all worn on my left wrist. Bracelets on my right wrist bug me when I write.

Fashion Passion?
My sarongs! They're a cool, airy skirt in the summer and a soft, warm scarf in the winter. Everyone should have at least one of these babies! I got turned on to them when I started teaching hula again. Now, they're my summer uniform here in my hot and humid town.

Karaoke Song?
Donna Summer's Last Dance and anything by Barbara Streisand. My girlfriends and I have spent many a drunken night singing "You don't bring me flowers"... ah, good times...

Bad Movie?
Grease 2 holds a special place in my heart - although Roomie would say that my favourite bad movie is Mr. Baseball. Michelle Pfeiffer is super cool in this movie. I knew every single song and would sing to them. I don't know how many times I've seen this show.

Midnight Snack?
Garlic Fried Rice. A yummy, yet high cal, way to use up last night's leftover steamed rice. My ultimate comfort food that reminds me of my lola (grandmother) who raised me my first 3 years on this earth.

Beauty Binge?
Fruits & Passion's Jasmin Body Milk. I use this in place of perfume, and smooth it on my neck, wrists, and cleavage. Reminds me of my other lola who used to grow sampaguita bushes in her front yard in the Philippines.

Celebrity Crush?
Guess. (Hint: If you don't know, you need to read more LifeCandy!)

Okay, now, your turn. What are your own Guilty Pleasures? Hit Comments and let us know!


  1. interesting...

    hope ur holiday season is going well so far

  2. thanks, jake! being up in canada, we're not into the holiday season just yet... with our thanksgiving in october, it's more like the giant calm before the christmas chaos! :)

    hope you're enjoying your holiday season too!

  3. Let's Guilty Pleasures...

    Accessory Addiction: my hair. I don't wear jewlry much, but I'm always playing with different ways to wear my hair, and with different hair toys in which to wear it.

    Fashion Passion: I love shoes. I don't allow myself to spend much per pair, so I'm no Carrie from Sex in the City, but I have bunches and bunches of them.

    Karaoke song: I'm kinda horrified at the sound of my voice, so I only songs I karaoke to are the ones I hear in my car. :D That said, I LOVE bellowing to Jennifer Nettles' music, either in Sugarland or in her local, indie-band days.

    Bad movie: The Princess Diaries or their closely related ilk of cheesy, predictable pre-teen girl movies.

    Midnight snack: Strangely, I don't really have one.

    Beauty Binge: Mineral makeup. I wear very little, but I LOVE collecting all the pretty eyeshadow colors.

    Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp is a long-time favorite (I've been half in love with him since I was a kid and he was on 21 Jump Street). I also have a crush on Domenic Purcell (from Prison Break) because he was at Dracula in Blade III.

  4. Great list, Jessica! I'd forgotten about the pre-chewed, teenie movies... Good call! LOL
    I love mineral makeup too, foundation specifically... the fact that you can sleep with it on is of particular appeal!
    Oh, yeah, Domenic Purcell... definitely, good call on him! I must watch Blade III sometime...