Nenette Goes to her 20yr Reunion with a Mullet...

If I have any advice to give people today - and if you're over the age of 35, as I am, you should already know this anyway - it's this: DO NOT get a haircut 4 days before an important event!

Please, please for the love of Buddha, God and Ganesha, just don't do it!!!
I still can't believe I did! Gah!

Okay, the event was my 20yr High school reunion. About 2 weeks before, I realized that I really needed to get my hair cut. No manner of styling or expensive hair product could improve its crazy, frizzy, standing out-to-the-side look. So, I called my hairstylist, Jane.

Now, I don't trust anyone else with my hair except Jane. Her cuts have done the impossible: made my hair look good with very little styling and hair product for MONTHS after my cut. Good thing too because she's not exactly cheap!

So, anyway, I go to see her on the Tuesday. Because I've been so tired of the style I'd had for months (I was growing out a bad bob), I gave her free reign. "Do what you want", I said. I've never done that before. And I think I won't ever do that again.
She cut a LOT off. In the end, I looked like Joan Jett! The top is short and the sides and back are long, but thinned out.

It was fun for the first couple of days... then the novelty wore off.

Then it hit me... I HAVE A MULLET!!!

I'm not a Rock-N-Roll Mom -- I'm Island-Girl Mom!!!

And, OMG, this style is so HIGH-MAINTENANCE!!!
When I wake up, I look like I've been zapped... everything stands on end! I either have to wash my hair, shower, or heavily wet my hair to get it to calm down. Then if I can't make it behave, I pull out the Big Guns: clips, barrettes and headbands.

So, I spent my entire 3-day reunion weekend with my hair up to minimize the mulletesqueness. (No, that's not a word. I know.)

But the odd thing is that I got a ton of compliments on it! Totally unsolicited, I swear. People really liked the look. Weird.
I'm definitely growing it out... I won't be seeing Jane until she actually has something to work with to get me back to Island-Girl Hottieness (no, that's not a word either)... that should be around May of next year. She gave me a great Island-Girl cut last year... I'll ask for that again.

Anyway, the reunion went well, and I enjoyed seeing my old friends. I like having my hair up, and I have re-learned a lesson... Don't get my hair cut 4 days before an event.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of me with my new 'do, up and down... lemme know what you think...


  1. I think the new do is very cute.
    Doesn't look like a mullet at all.

  2. I do like the new hairdo. It is nice to change it up sometimes. - I like it

  3. OK. Are you just fishing here? Because sistah, you are HOT!!!

    (I'm too lazy to go and find out what my login was when I had one, so I'm "anon")

    Oh, and "HI!"

  4. Thanks to all for the compliments and reassurance... :)

    And for coming by to read my blog... Come back often, okay?!


  5. LOL, you know it!
    When one's roomie says, "Your beautiful no matter what", when you come home from a haircut appt, a little bit of fishing is in order. :)

    And thanks, girlfriend!

    ps - fyi, your login is your gmail account... xoxo

  6. re: login. When I got here, for some reason my sister's name was up. when I went to change it I was anon...

    re: "room-mates" yeah, I hear ya. "No, no! you don't need to go out with make-up!" and "you're beautiful no matter what" on the one hand, it's really nice to be on the receiving end of those commments and you *know* they're sincere, but sometimes you need them from someone you are more certain isn't - even if subconsciously - "laying the groundwork" IYKWIM... wink wink, nudge nudge.