100 Thing Update - My Makeup Case

I live with a man. A very cute, intelligent, funny man of Northern European (Brit - Scot - Austrian - Dutch) ancestry... 6' tall, runner's physique... salt-n-pepper hair, green/blue/grey eyes... looks a little like Gerry Butler. No, that's not why I married him... he didn't look like Ger when I met him 20 years ago... eh, maybe I saw the potential. :)

Aside from a shower, a swipe of deodorant, and an occasional beard clipping, he needs nothing to make him look and smell like his cute, yummy self.

And then there's me.

Now, I'd like to think I'm low maintenance. And really, if you compare me to many women, I am. But when I was tallying up the contents of my makeup case, I was astounded! When I counted every individual article, it was definitely more than I thought! Here. Have a look...

1. Olay Total Effects moisturizer
2. Rimmel brow gel
3. lash curler
4. XXL waterproof mascara
5. Aveda eyeliner - cacao
6. Aveda tinted moisturizer (which I use as concealer and eyeshadow)
7. Aveda lipsaver balm
8. Aveda lipliner - morena (which I use as an all over lip colour)
9. Aveda eyeshadow (comes in a tube... don't quite remember the name)
10. MAC retractable lip brush
11. makeup pencil sharpener
12. tweezers
13. hairbrush
14. Aveda Confixor styling lotion
15. PM Tea Tree shampoo
16. PM Tea Tree conditioner
17. Lush Olive Branch shower gel
18. contact lens solution
19. Fruits & Passions Jasmin perfume
20. cuticle stone
21. Dior nail polish
22. nail clippers

No, I don't use facial cleanser or toner... just water and a good washcloth... I've never had a breakout since! :)

So, what do you think? I don't think I'll make it under 100 at this rate. Maybe 200... or 300...


  1. That's a pretty good list! I think I have way more stuff in plastic drawers and I don't even use most of that stuff. Mostly colorful makeup. I guess I should start purging through that and keep only the natural colors I like to use.
    Oh, it's terrible - ever since I found www.eyeslipsface.com - EVERYTHING on that website is $1.00!!

  2. do you use the Norwex wash cloth or something else? I've been eyeing the norwex ones at eatit.

  3. What?!? No blusher? How can you function without blusher? JD :-)

  4. How's the PM Tea Tree hair care stuff? Well, duh, obviously good if you are using it. But seriously, what's the price point, how's it work, yada yada yada. I need a new shampoo... my is just gunking up my hair.

  5. The PM Tea Tree hair care stuff is great! At the time of the original post, I'd just bought the bottles at a sale at my local salon. It's my first ever purchase of PM. And yes, I love it! The bottles have lasted this long (they were BIG), but I'm due to replenish my supply within the next couple of weeks.
    I have very thick asian hair with a nice natural wave. It can handle really strong shampoos; in fact, mild shampoos gunk up my hair too.
    While other tea tree shampoos have dried the ends, this hasn't. It's just made it nice and clean.
    Oh, and I use it every time I wash my hair, which averages to about 2-3 times a week.

  6. I'm getting married in March and am considering purchasing the entire line of Aveda products (tinted moisturizer, bronzer, highlights, blush, mascara, eye shadow, mascara, lip stuff, etc. I was listening to various processional songs and balled when I heard the Wedding March. How will Aveda products hold up to extreme water works? Do you have any other suggestions?

  7. In my experience, the Aveda line doesn't have much staying power when it comes to heavy-duty waterworks... this is from someone who now cries at a drop of a hat ever since my first pregnancy!
    I don't think they have a waterproof mascara.

    But what I do love about the Aveda line for a major event like one's wedding is that, because of its natural ingredients, I wouldn't feel bad falling asleep in it... for one night. :)

    Jami over at Bionic Beauty will have a much better idea of what will work for you. She's the one I go to for ideas and advice. :)

    Hope that helps!