HOT HULA fitness®

ALOHA Winnipeg!  Welcome to HOT HULA fitness®!

"Unlike other fitness classes I've attended, I don't think I'll get bored with this class. Love the infusion of reggae and hiphop music to Polynesian moves." - Marj


Patricia's Ballroom & Banquet Hall
Tuxedo Park Mall, 2025 Corydon Avenue
Mondays  7pm - 8pm
Tuesdays  10am - 11am*
Thursdays  6pm - 7pm
Sundays  12noon - 1pm

Vogue Dance Company
7-1099 Kingsbury Ave near Garden City
Saturdays  9am - 10am


$15  drop-in
$60  5-class card  ($12/class)
$100  10-class card  ($10/class)

* Tuesday Only $5 drop-in Class


To register:
Registration Forms (please print and bring to class) or 204.963.1622 (text/call)
Now accepting cash, cheque, and etransfer.


+ Are we in a hot room, like hot yoga?  
No, you are what make our workout hot!

+ What do I need? 
Comfortable clothes, lava lava/sarong/pareo (Don't have one? Shop here.), and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.  We dance barefoot!

WHAT IS HOT HULA fitness®?                    

HOT HULA fitness® is a fun, new and exciting dance workout. It provides a “total body workout” in 6o minutes. Our low impact workouts isolate your larger muscle groups, increasing strength and definition to your core with specific emphasis on the abs, glutes, quads and arms.

Inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands, HOT HULA fitness® incorporates easy to perform dance movements set to the sounds of traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with funky hip-hop and Reggae music, resulting in a modern, hip fitness workout.

ABOUT NENETTE                    

Nenette Alejandria Mayor is the first and only certified HOT HULA fitness® Instructor in Winnipeg.  She has over 40 years of Polynesian dance experience, as well as experience in hip hop, jazz, and cultural Filipino dance.  She has taught hula 'auana and tahitian dance classes and workshops in her home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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