Once upon a time, I was a riddle wrapped in an enigma covered in secret sauce.  Then y'all started asking questions...

Aren't you a mommy blogger?
Yes, but I didn't become one on purpose.  I've been blogging about my life since 2005, and my readers liked my stories about my kids.  Really, REALLY liked them.  So it was a very organic move.  Eventually, I was tapped to write family-life pieces as a freelancer and to work as a contributing blogger alongside some of the most phenomenal Canadian moms ever for a nationwide moms blog.  But as my kids have grown, I've decided to turn the focus more to me.  Because I think I'm awesome.
And a wee bit narcissistic.  The story continues on my new blog.

Why "Life Candy"?
You know how eye candy is "a treat for the eye"?  Yeah, like that, except replace "for the eye" with "for life".  Life treats.  Things that make life sweet -- you know, life candy.
Also, my childhood nickname is 'Candy'.  It's a Filipino thing.  Everyone had to have a nickname.  I'm just thankful I wasn't called 'Bong-Bong', 'Jhet-Jhet', or 'Wheng-Wheng'... which are actual nicknames of my cousins.

Can we exchange links?
No, I'm sorry.  I don't do link exchanges.  Neither should you.

When are you teaching hula classes again?
Since closing down my hula school in 2006, I've definitely toyed around with the idea of teaching again.  I have taught the occasional workshop, as well as a free hula series as the fitness partner to a 30-day group challenge I've coached.
Keep your eyes here for news of regular classes in the near future.  It may happen sooner than later... /hint, hint/

Did you really have a pet chicken?
Yes. In the Philippines. I named her 'Manok'... which means chicken. Yeah, I was shockingly creative as a child.

Where are you from?
I'm Filipina-born and Canadian-raised.  So, The Philippines.  We moved to Canada when I was almost 4.  And I still know how to speak fluent Tagalog.  In fact, I learned how to read Tagalog AFTER moving here.  It's all phonetics really.  Like Hawaiian.  And I've said too much.

Ok, Benedict Cumberbatch I get, but Gerard Butler?  Really?
What?  You don't think he's cute?!  Okay, so Lainey calls him "Spittle" and claims he doesn't know how to wear pants, but he's so funny, and he's cute, and he looks kinda like my husband.
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