30 days of truth: day 01 → something you hate about yourself.

Part of the 30 Days of Truth

Okay, I said I'd do this, and here we are, over a month later, and I haven't even done one!  Read on, and you'll see why...

day 01 → something you hate about yourself.

I think hate is too harsh a word for describing anything about myself, but if there is something I'd like to change about myself, it's my utter lack of self-discipline.

I'll eat the last chicken drumstick left over from dinner even though I've already eaten my caloric limit for the meal.
I'll sign up for yet another committee at the kids' school even though I'm already strapped for time.
I'll decide to make curtains instead of buy them because my frickin' TO-DO list is apparently not long enough!  Bloody hell!!!

And it's made my life so much more complicated!

All my nefarious (yes, nefarious) plans to simplify my life are turned to poop by my inability to control myself.

I end up doing extra workouts to lose the extra weight.
I end up putting off or juggling other activities to fit in the other commitments.
I end up having to deal with all the materials and crap needed to make the frickin' curtains!!!

And I end up starting a blogging project over a month after I say I'm doing it.

I need to say NO more often.

And I think I'm learning how to do that.  Really.
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