10 things I love right now.

26 July 2010

I'm totally blogging my ass off. About my recent camping trip. The one that was not at a spa, not somewhere tropical, and not where hot dudes in loin cloths serve me delicious drinks with tiny umbrellas. Basically, not what a camping trip really should be.

Anyway, I'll be publishing that spectacular post in the near future. But until that glorious day, I present the meme that I stole from my buddy Jami with a twist: 10 things I love right now.
I'm not listing the obvious -- family, friends, my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, etc. -- for simplicity.

Read mine, then go and do it too! Seriously. It's fun! And let me know, so I can read about your 10 things too...

Ten Things I Love:

  1. Spring -- closer to summer when plants are starting to come up, after the dirty/muddy part but before the mosquitoes.
  2. the combination of coconut lotion and jasmine perfume, smoothed on everywhere, after a long hot shower.
  3. small, stylish, simply-designed houses.
  4. my ASUS eeePC netbook.
  5. pavlova -- with both blueberries and strawberries.
  6. the theme song to Futurama.
  7. a Starbucks venti unsweetened iced coffee.
  8. Dr. Who -- especially the episodes with David Tennant.
  9. a late-night dinner of papaya salad and grilled prawns.
  10. the natural, primal lifestyle.
Okay, now you.

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Cyndi said...

Oooh, new game!! Something new to post on my blog since I've been SLACKING! Augh!

Thanks for bringing back on track - I'll try to post later tonight. :)

harmzie said...

OOO! Cool stuff! And dumbing down blogging for me again! ;-)

Nenette AM said...

@Cyndi: can't wait to see your list!

@harmzie: it really is the only good answer to "OMG, I really want to post something RIGHT NOW... but what?" :)

Loukia said...

I love summer, I love hearing my boys laugh and paly together, I love peanutes, I love drives in the car alone withe great music playing loudly, I love wine and I love the occassional cigarette to go with the wine... I know, bad me, bad me.

Cyndi said...

Mine is up!! :)

Avitable said...

David Tennant is sorely missed, but the new companion makes me feel funny in my pants.

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