"I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings."

27 April 2010

Thoughts that would only get lost in the din of Twitter but don't have the legs to stand in blog post form...

  • I'm still pissed that they canceled Farscape, Odyssey 5, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Defying Gravity. Especially Defying Gravity.

  • I plan to wear dresses more often this summer. Sadly, that won't happen if I don't buy more dresses.

  • Tried bison for the first time a few days back -- in meatball form, see?

  • Why won't Lindsay Lohan just stay home for a change?!!! (I'm watching Access Hollywood at the mo.)

  • Yes, I'm drinking coffee again. Oh, keep your panties on -- it's decaf. And I'm still in love with green tea.

  • Going through sugar-withdrawal is a bitch. My head feels very explode-y. But I think it's almost over, and so far, I've lost 5 pounds.

  • I've lost 5 pounds. Just thought I'd say it again because it's so awesome.

  • I'm overjoyed that I taped the Madonna episode of Glee. Yes, *taped*. No PVR for me. I'm rockin' it old skool!

  • I still haven't learned to never, NEVER weight myself when I have my period. Sometimes, I'm just not that bright. The fact that Lindsay Lohan's comings-and-goings somewhat interest me should prove that.

  • I washed that red right out of my hair. Oh, and the white too.

  • I'm chuffed that Brian Boitano has a cooking show on Food Network and that it's called "What would Brian Boitano make?"... the title of which is evidently an homage to the song written for him by DVDA.

  • Roomie is pissed that, almost every time he tunes into the Discovery Channel, he gets the show about King Crab fishermen.

  • People just don't wear lockets these days, so I bought myself a pretty new necklace...

    ... that's also a locket...

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harmzie said...

I've always wanted to pull together some of my favourite tweets. Because I am kind of proud of some of them. Not all. Sweet merciful crap, no. I love how you've presented them. I might steal it. With credit, of course. :-)

Love the word "chuffed". Might steal that too!

(don't come back often to report on captcha, but "fackt"? How could I not?)

Rock Chef said...

So how was the bison? Certainly looks good!

Snowbear said...

Especially Defying Gravity! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

Mmm spaghetti and bison balls . . . wait what?

Taped? TAPED?! Sheesh, I skipped right over PVRs and went straight to bittorrent. Hell I barely even turn on my TV any more and I still manage to watch too many TV shows.

Mythbusters FTW!

Roomie said...

That bison balls meal is really an appearance of the FSM! I was touched by his noodly appendages. And his meaty balls.

Angus Young said...

@Roomie - you're saying you ate the FSM? Who's the monster now, monster?

And do you mean "touched" in a sentimental way, or something else? And who's saucier, the meaty balls, or you, you naughty boy?

Haley-O said...

I love love love that locket. It's beautiful! I need to kick sugar, too. We do it together, withdrawal and all, okay? When you're ready, kick that decaf, too. I think a little regular coffee is better than decaf -- that's the "whole foods" philosophy, anyway! You can do it!

Momma K said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog, come on by & check it out!

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