13 September 2008

Last night, Lam was on the computer. Just before bed, Roomie came upstairs, and when I asked him where his son was...

Roomie: "He's still finishing some details on his Google profile. He said that his interests are 'computers, computer games, and video games on the computer'."

Me: "Big surprise."

Roomie: "And his superpower -"

Me: "Superpower?"

Roomie: "Yeah, his superpower is teleportation. He actually typed out 'teleportation'. He can't spell 'building', but he can spell 'teleportation'."

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caryn said...

heehee. i'd love to have that superpower, then i could travel anywhere i wanted to, without travel tax. hahahah!

dropping by from toni's weekend soiree ;-)

Jami said...

LMFAO! Your kids need to go on a comedy tour. They crack me up regularly!

Me, I wanna be a telekinetic. *That* would be handy. Like a mental go-go-Gadget anything. :)

toni said...

Kids today! :) That's such a cute story!

Nenette AM said...

@caryn -
great to hear from you!... I love Toni's weekend soirees :)

@Jami -
yeah, they're such a source of hilarity. they take after Roomie... we're always laughing here :)
Oh, yeah, telekinesis would be my choice too. certainly would help when I'm on the couch and forgot the tv remote on the counter across the room... like right now. :)

@toni -
Thanks!... I can't remember what we as kids used to do before computers... :)

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