1000th Update on Twitter!

23 July 2008

Guess what my 1000th Twitter update will say...

Give up?

"new blog post: 1000th Update on Twitter!"

Okay, if you haven't been totally turned off by my awesome nerdiness, follow me on Twitter. Just click... HERE!

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myrtle said...

1000! Wow, I'm only at 245. Gotta get twitterin'!

Bionic Beauty said...

Congrats!!! :D
I'm only at 767. seems like so many more than that.

harmzie said...

I'm at 0 and don't want to go there.

I must be near 1000 on FB though! Different crack for different folks :-S

Jen Hill said...

Would that be considered a milli-twitter or a twillimilli post?

Congrats Nenette!

Albert Bannatyne said...

Negatory to the twitter... I mean, it's just a goofy idea from the word go. And even its creators can't take it that seriously if they call it TWITter, can they?

But if they called it twatter... I just googled twatter, instead of "what are you doing" their tagline is "who are you doing", which made me laugh.

Nenette AM said...

@myrtle -
have you been plurkin' lately? I haven't been in a while.

@Bionic Beauty -
Thanks! 767 is a lot!
I actually can't believe I'm over 1000 now. I shouldn't be surprised as I *do* blah-blah a lot :)

@harmzie -
you should twitter and have it programmed to update your FB status like I do.
twitter is the perfect mini-blog format.

@Jen Hill -
I think that's a twimilliter? :)
Thanks, Jen!

@albert -
Twitter isn't bad. At least it isn't called Moronitter... I'd draw the line there.
"Twatter"... funny... :)

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